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CNGci Rolls Its Own

November 12, 2012 in NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Carbon Fiber Winding of Type IIIs Has Been Brought In-House

CNG Cylinders International has brought carbon fiber filament winding of its large CNG cylinders in-house in Oxnard, Calif., managing member Helmut Korte told F&F at NGV Global 2012.

CNGci’s Randolf Wollgiehn and company president Siggy Rivalta at ACT Expo this year. The Oxnard, Calif.-based firm showed an even larger CNG cylinder in Mexico City.

“It was a missing link,” Korte says.

CNGci also manufactures its own large forged seamless aluminum liners in Oxnard.

The firm displayed one of its new 400-liter Type III tanks in Mexico City. The single unit measuring 22.5-by-82.5 inches holds 34.2 gasoline gallon equivalents of compressed natural gas )30.0 diesel gallon equivalents). It weighs 316 pounds.

CNGci’s 300-liter Type III tank measures 61 inches in length, holds 25.5 GGE (22.6 DGE). It weighs 275 pounds.

In addition to its own Type IIIs, CNGci distributes Inflex brand Type 1 (steel) CNG cylinders from Buenos Aires-based Inflex-Argentoil, and Type II steel wire mesh hoop-wrapped CNG cylinders from Virginia’s WireTough (F&F, June 5).

CNGci sells fuel tanks and other natural gas vehicle equipment via a new internet store.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at NGV Global 2012 in Mexico City

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