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Shell and Volvo Trucks Team on LNG

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‘Gas Could Form Bigger Part of Transport Energy Mix,’ Says Shell
As Volvo Discloses New Trucks Models and a Dual Fuel D13 Engine

Shell this morning announced a joint cooperation agreement with Volvo Trucks to help develop liquefied natural gas as a fuel option for heavy duty trucks.

Shell and Volvo Trucks have a new pact to promote LNG for heavy duty trucks.

Shell and Volvo Trucks have a new pact to promote LNG for heavy duty trucks.

“Shell believes that natural gas could form a bigger part of the transport energy mix, alongside developments in areas such as greater vehicle efficiency, biofuels, hydrogen and electric mobility,” states Shell release.

Shell says it’s cooperating with Volvo on LNG technical, commercial and regulatory developments. “The agreement aims to provide a complete solution to customers to help them convert to LNG as a fuel,” Shell says. The non-exclusive pact focuses primarily on North America and Europe.

New Gas Engine from Volvo Next Year

“Customer interest in natural gas as a heavy-duty truck fuel will only continue to grow,” Volvo Trucks North American sales and marketing president Göran Nyberg said in Volvo’s announcement of the pact with Shell.

LNG-fueled Volvo VNL daycab

LNG-fueled Volvo VNL daycab

“We plan to introduce our own Volvo LNG-fueled engine in 2014, and this agreement is part of our effort to collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure that the market is supported with the necessary infrastructure.”

Volvo described the compression-ignition D13-LNG at MATS, last week’s Mid-American Trucking Show in Kentucky, claiming “the first integrated natural gas solution for the North American market.”

‘We Are Well Placed’

“The Volvo D13-LNG offers outstanding power and performance for the long haul while improving fuel efficiency,” said Nyberg. It “will enable our customers to increase their driving range through an integrated Volvo powertrain system that offers seamless communication among components.” The engine uses pilot diesel in lieu of spark plugs, an approach that yields a fuel efficiency advantage of up to 20%.

Volvo said that VNL daycabs with the D13-LNG engine will be available for order during the second half of 2014.

“For heavy duty truck operators, especially those looking to invest in a new fleet, LNG can be a cost competitive fuel choice compared to conventional diesel,” Netherlands-based Shell downstream LNG manager Lauran Wetemans says her firm’s March 27 announcement.

“By collaborating with Volvo, and with our in-depth knowledge of LNG and commercial fuels we are well placed to bring LNG fuel another step closer to our customers.”

Standards and HSSE

Safety code and operational standardization, and technical specifications are priority areas. “Shell and Volvo Trucks will collaborate on technical matters such as fuel quality across markets, engine compatibility and well to wheel emissions monitoring.

Bison Transport is the lead fleet customer as Shell has opened Canada’s first retail LNG station, in Calgary.

Bison Transport is the lead fleet customer as Shell has opened Canada’s first retail LNG station, in Calgary.

“The companies intend to help develop HSSE (health, safety, security and the environment) and operating standards and focus on developing heavy duty truck operators’ understanding of LNG as a fuel,” the announcement says.

Shell notes that it recently outlined plans to develop an LNG production and fueling infrastructure in Louisiana and in Ontario and the Great Lakes region, following a new production plant in Alberta – where its has already opened its first LNG fueling station for trucks (F&F, March 11).

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Source: Shell release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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