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American LNG Transport* to Haul Oilfield LNG

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New Fleet Starting with Ten Peterbilt 388 Tractors,
Will Grow as Parent Stabilis Builds New LNG Plants

Green Energy Fuels expects to take delivery of ten Peterbilt 388 sleeper tractors this month. The new company will use them to haul LNG and equipment like pipe to oilfield sites as its parent company, Stabilis Energy, gets busy on the first of five planned liquefied natural gas production plants. updated May 3

*company name changed
to American LNG Transportation & Fuels, LLC
on May 2

Green Energy Fuels and parent Stabilis Energy see oilfields as their primary market.

Green Energy Fuels and parent Stabilis Energy see oilfields as their primary market.

That’s the word from Green Energy Fuels CEO Roger Nevill, who was also the founder of Green Energy Oilfield Services. GEOS uses LNG tractors to haul water to frack operators. Nevill plans with his new outfit to haul primarily LNG.

Production of the ten Peterbilt 388s, purchased through Rush Peterbilt in Austin, Texas, is to start on Monday. The vehicles will have the Westport HD powertrain with the 15-liter high pressure direct injection diesel-fired natural gas engine based on the Cummins ISX.

a Peterbilt 388

a Peterbilt 388

“That’s the only motor I believe in right now,” Nevill told F&F. The trucks will have dual 120-gallon fuel tanks.

Chart for Stabilis LNG Plants

Beaumont, Texas-based Stabilis Energy says it’s planning five natural gas liquefaction facilities to support high horsepower oil and gas production, and then marine and rail markets, with the first of the five to come on line “in the first quarter of 2015 or before.”

Privately-held Stabilis says it’s contracted with Chart Energy & Chemicals for advance engineering. Stabilis has selected Chart’s C100N and C250IMR standard liquefied natural gas plants, with capacities of 100,000 gallons and 250,000 gallons per day of LNG, respectively.

“Advance engineering will commence immediately,” Stabilis says, noting that it’s placed a deposit with Chart to secure a manufacturing space reservation to ensure timely start-up of the first facility.

Standard Chart LNG plant schematic; accessory modules may be added as required.

Standard Chart LNG plant schematic; accessory modules may be added as required.

Stabilis says that it’s “still analyzing the data to determine the ideal location for the first plant,” taking into account local gas supply and quality, regional LNG demand, and permitting.

Stabilis to Support Road Vehicles Too

The four remaining plants are to come online at regular intervals throughout 2015 and 2016.

“Stabilis Energy believes LNG will be a major contributor to North American energy independence,” company president Casey Crenshaw said in a release.

“High quality locally produced LNG is the only reliable, clean and efficient alternative fuel to diesel,” he said, “proven to be the most cost-effective fuel solution for high horsepower applications.

“Stabilis will supply off-road engine fuel requirements while supporting on-highway motor fuel markets with strategic distribution partners,” Crenshaw said.

Stabilis’s Green Energy Fuels unit, which is also based in Beaumont, will start by hauling merchant LNG product in the coming weeks. “I’m going to market the fuel and haul it,” says CEO Nevill. Green Energy Fuels will do on-site regasification/vaporizing too, and will also perform conversions of oil rig engines, Neville says, using Hythane OptiBlend and GTI-Altronic conversion kits.

Green Energy Fuels will also haul dairy products, Nevill says. Id all goes well, he hopes to have 60 or 60 LNG trucks by year-end, and more as Stabilis gets established as an LNG producer.

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Source: Stabilis Energy release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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