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EcoDual and Hunter for Peterbilt Gliders

November 22, 2013 in Dual Fuel, NGVs, NGVs2013Atlanta by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘A Full Range of Solutions,’ Both New and Used, EcoDual Says

EcoDual disclosed a partnership with Hunter Truck Sales, a Peterbilt dealer with 15 locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. Hunter is to provide custom-configured Peterbilt 388 and 389 gliders with EcoDual’s MAX/SRTM dual fuel system allowing blended natural gas-diesel operation.

Peterbilt 389

Peterbilt 389

“We now offer a full range of solutions, whether converting existing trucks or purchasing new ones,” EcoDual CEO Mike Donoughe said in a release.

Hunter customers, president Jeff Hunter said in the announcement, will get “a real competitive advantage.”

EcoDual claims the potential for ‘system payback is less than one year.’

EcoDual claims the potential for ‘system payback is less than one year.’

25% ‘Average’ Fuel Savings

The Hunter EcoDual gliders will be available with remanufactured 2004-2009 Cummins ISX 15L engines across the full range of power and torque configurations, EcoDual said. The MAX/SRTM gear will be installed by Hunter and included in the standard purchase agreement whether leased, financed or purchased outright.

“A glider,” EcoDual explains, “is essentially a new truck with an older model year engine and transmission both completely rebuilt to new engine standards and warranties.” Fill torque and power and the 15-liter Cummins ISX is retained, with “clean burning natural gas technology to reduce fuel costs by an average of 25%.”

The trucks will combine the EcoDual MAX/SRTM product “with all of the reliability of a new Peterbilt,” Donoughe said.

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Source: EcoDual with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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