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DGE Vote Expected in Detroit in July

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The Issue Is on the Ballot for NCWM Annual Meeting

The establishment of the diesel gallon equivalent as a legal unit of measurement for natural gas vehicle fuel sales is to be decided at the annual meeting of the National Conference of Weights and Measures in July. A steering committee has recommended that compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas be sold in gasoline and diesel gallon equivalents.

It's already complicated enough.

It’s already complicated enough.

The recommendation sets the stage for the potential approval of the DGE, which under the proposed standard is defined as 6.380 pounds of CNG or 6.060 pounds of LNG.

“The adoption of the DGE standard would provide certainty for fuel retailers and regulators as CNG and LNG would be measured in consistent units of mass,” says NGVAmerica. “Importantly, it would allow natural gas to be displayed in units that provide customers and the broader public the ability to easily compare fuel costs and understand the value proposition of natural gas versus diesel fuel.”

‘It Is Increasingly Important that There Be a National Standard’

The GGE – gasoline gallon equivalent – was instituted in 1994. “For 20 years, the GGE standard has provided fuel retailers and customers a reliable unit with which to do business,” NGVAmerica says. “As the number of LNG stations and CNG station serving the trucking industry grows, it is increasingly important that there be a national standard that provides guidance on the way to measure and dispense natural gas in DGEs.”

“Establishing a diesel gallon equivalent standard is an important issue that would have a significant impact on our industry,” NGVAmerica president Rich Kolodziej said in a Friday release. “We appreciate the attention the NCWM has given to the potential adoption of the DGE standard and commend the special steering committee for making it a voting issue at the Annual Meeting this summer.”

Not Everyone’s a Fan

The DGE and GGE have their opponents. The National Institute of Standards noted in the Federal Register earlier this year that “some state weights and measures officials and several CNG providers have expressed the concern that the energy equivalent values adopted in 1994 do not provide an accurate estimate of the true energy content of natural gas” – in part because “the equivalents have not been reevaluated to ensure that they accurately correlate with the energy content of today’s gasoline and gasoline-oxygenate blends or other alternative fuels such as E85” (F&F, January 6).


The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit

The NCWM annual meeting – the organization’s 99th – is slated for July 13-17 at the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit hotel. The Natural Gas Steering Committee meets on the morning of Sunday, July 13, and attendees will be able to comment on the 14th and 15th, NCWM says. “On July 16 and 17, the proposals are again debated and then put to a vote of the state and local regulatory officials to determine whether they are adopted into the national standards,” the organization said Wednesday.

The Natural Gas Steering Committee is chaired by Mahesh Albuquerque, director of the Oil & Public Safety division of the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment.

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Source: NGVAmerica with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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