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Galileo Emphasizes Cryobox for LNG

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Onsite Liquefaction Unit from Argentina Fills ‘Huge Gap.’

Got access to a pipeline and need LNG for vehicles? Don’t care to invest in a massive industrial installation?

'Make youe own LNG,' says Galileo.

‘Make your own LNG,’ says Galileo.

“This is a huge gap in the market,” says Joseph Shinn of Southern California’s Clean Fuel Connection. His firm represents Argentina’s Galileo, promoting Galileo’s Cryobox, a $4.5 million unit that can produce some 9,000 gallons of LNG onsite using pipeline gas.

Cryobox handles inlet pressures of 160 to 725 psi.

A ‘Compact and Transportable Module’

Galileo, one of the grand names in GNV – gas natural vehicular – in Latin America, offers too a wide range of CNG fueling solutions, like Microbox and Nanobox compressor packages, and modular virtual pipeline units for transporting CNG in quantity
by truck.

d2p15 PROOF.inddCryobox is said to have all the capabilities of a large scale LNG plant in a “compact and transportable module which shares the off-the-shelf components and main features of Galileo’s compressor packages, namely: modularity, low weight, economies in transport and ease of installation.

Clean Fuel Connection also handles equipment for charging electric vehicles.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2014 in Long Beach, Calif.

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