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Westport ESI Spark Natural Gas Engines

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‘Revolutionary Approach to Natural Gas Combustion Technology’
Which ‘Takes Advantage of the Positive Properties of Natural Gas

Vancouver-based Westport Innovations today unveiled the first generation of a new engine technology, dubbed ESI for enhanced spark-ignited, for the conversion of diesel engines to dedicated natural gas operation.

Ford's F-650/750 trucks are candidates for Westport ESI repowers.

Ford’s F-650/750 trucks are candidates for Westport ESI repowers.

Westport ESI is “designed to provide vehicle and engine OEMs with a ‘downsized’ natural gas solution that is cost competitive while providing similar levels of power, torque, and fuel economy to a larger diesel,” states a release.

“Westport’s new technology optimizes the combustion and thermal efficiencies of the engine by taking advantage of the positive properties of natural gas,” the company says.

Class 6 and 7 Trucks

The new ESI technology is aimed at engines of less than 9 liters displacement for Class 6 and 7 trucks, as well as engines in the 2-liter range for both automotive and non-automotive applications.

“As gasoline and diesel engines progress, it is critical that OEMs offer natural gas engines that retain their expected performance while providing the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas,” Westport global spark ignited direct injection VP Jack Keaton says in the ESI release.

“Westport is taking its technology leadership to the next level by introducing a long-term technology solution that allows improvements in engine performance and fuel economy, thus offering highly attractive operating costs and low emissions profile,” Keaton said. “As the ESI technology continues to be developed, Westport will incorporate competitive performance upgrades to support the longevity of this system.”

10% More Power and Torque

ESI is designed to designed to provide an improvement of as much as 10% in power and torque over a base diesel engine. “Higher erformance from a spark-ignited natural gas engine compared to a diesel engine potentially allows a 4-liter natural gas engine to replace a 6-liter diesel engine,” Westport says.

Westport ESI engines will feature stoichiometric operation, three-way catalyst aftertreatment, EGR/cooled exhaust gas recirculation, the Westport WP580 engine management system, and Westport fuel system components. There will be no need for diesel particulate filters or SCR/selective catalytic reduction.

Westport says it expects to meet both U.S. EPA 2014 and Euro VI standards, and that it is “in various stages of development and negotiation with several vehicle and engine OEMs for ESI applications.”

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Source: Westport Innovations with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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