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Landi Launches Electronic Regulator

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And Reports CARB Certification of 6.2-Liter Ford F-250/350 for 2016

Landi Renzo USA is kicking off ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas today with a promise to release its most technologically advanced electronic pressure regulator for natural gas vehicles to the U.S. market. Landi further reports California Air Resources Board certification of its dedicated-compressed natural gas system for Ford F-250/350 series trucks with the 6.2-liter engine for 2016.

The Landi Renzo electronic regulator offers ‘vastly improved’ cold start performance, the company says.

The Landi Renzo electronic regulator offers ‘vastly improved’ cold start performance, the company says.

“We are releasing a piece of innovative technology that will deliver immediate and tangible benefits to our customers by virtually eliminating several limitations affecting the conventional systems,” Landi Renzo USA engineering VP Marco Genova.

“Customers will be pleased with the new standard of performance achievable with the electronic pressure regulator,” he said, “in particular during cold engine starts at very low ambient temperature, with the compact packaging and the level of integration achievable with the engine and vehicle control system.”

Better Fuel Efficiency

Among the EPR’s advantages, as compared with conventional mechanical regulators, Landi says, are

  • electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions;
  • compatibility with the flow rates required for heavy duty applications;
  • “vastly improved” cold start performance;
  • a compact single-stage design for improved vehicle packaging;
  • inherent reliability in cold conditions due to complete elimination of rubber parts;
  • ambient temperature operation with no heating required (an optional heater for freezing protection of other rubber-based system parts, such as fuel injector O-ring and hose seals, is available);
  • closed-loop control of output pressure with high dynamic response and no performance drift;
  • proprietary software for control and diagnostic, integrated electronic control box, simple communication with the engine control system via vehicle CAN bus; and
  • extensive validation (OEM specifications).

Due to its efficiency in handling fuel, especially sensing and compensation at low CNG storage pressure, the new EPR can make for extended vehicle range – or equivalent fuel saving in tank cost compared to a standard mechanical pressure regulator.

Landi says it will phase in the new EPR, starting with Ford F-450/550 series vehicles with the 6.8-liter V-10.

Separately, approval of the Ford F-250/350 with 6.2-liter engine for 2016 allows Landi to provide a less-than-14,000-pound GVWR pickup and cab chassis solution in CARB-regulated states, augmenting a product line-up that already includes Ford F-450/550, F-650, E-450 cutaway, and F-53/59 stripped chassis vehicles, and multiple GM vehicles with the 6.8-liter engine.

‘All the Answers’

Landi will be the only Ford QVM/Qualified Vehicle Modifier with both dedicated and bi-fuel solutions for the Super Duty F-250/350 and F-450/550 chassis, says sales and marketing VP Marc San Paolo.

“Having another dedicated CNG solution for fleets operating in CARB states is huge for us,” San Paolo said. Coupled with numerous fuel cylinder options. Landi Renzo “has all the answers.”

ACT Expo 2015 runs through May 7 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

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Source: Landi Renzo USA with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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