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Cryoshelter Gets EU Backing for LNG Tank

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Variable-Size Design to Be Offered First for European Trucks

Graz, Austria-based Cryoshelter has been awarded 1.7 million euros – nearly $1.9 million U.S. at current rates – under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program to further its design of a second-generation liquefied natural gas fuel tank. updated June 17

Cryosheleter boasts 'unique engineering and testing capabilities.'

Cryosheleter boasts ‘unique engineering and testing capabilities.’

The initial market for the “revolutionary” Cryoshelter LNG tank is the European truck market. The Cryoshelter LNG tank has been “developed with the single focus on lowering the tank-related total cost of ownership,” the company says.

“Cryoshelter will work with the manufacturers to position itself as a reliable and sustainable Tier 1-quality supplier of its new alternative in LNG storage systems,” states a draft release.

30% More Capacity

Cryoshelter claims “Shield Technology” as an important advance, taking the new tank beyond the multi-layer thermal insulation designs on today’s LNG fuel tank market. An ultra-thin insulation gap improves vacuum stability, and increases fuel capacity (and hence vehicle range) by some 30% with exterior volume the same as current LNG vessels, the company says.

The simplicity of the design allows production of tanks in virtually any length to accommodate chassis needs.

Cryoshelter's LNG tanks can be sized to order – currently from 270 to 750 liters (approximately 70 to U.S. 200 gallons.

Cryoshelter’s LNG tanks can be sized to order – currently from 270 to 750 liters (approximately 70 to U.S. 200 gallons.

Fuel hold time is increased too: better than ten days for so-called “warm” LNG (approximately -120C/-184F) and up to 20 days for “cold” (-163C/-260F), the company says.

“These features address the most critical technical and economic concerns of the heavy duty truck sector and will revolutionize the commercial prospects for LNG as a fuel alternative to diesel in Europe, North America and elsewhere,” states a Cryoshelter fact sheet.

Looking for Engineers

Cryoshelter, which is looking for qualified engineers, says it’s ready to complete the destructive and durability testing required for full certification. The new LNG tank has been designed to meet ISO 12991 and R.110 standards, as well as international standards still in development.

Cryoshelter intends to incorporate a VCU – vacuum control unit – to be integrated with the LNG vehicle’s OBD system.

After entering the European market by offering OEM retrofits and via direct sales to fleets, Cryoshelter intends to expand to North America and to take the new LNG tank design to the marine sector, notably for inland waterway vessels.

'Maximize your range,' says Graz, Austria-based Cryoshelter.

‘Maximize your range,’ says Graz, Austria-based Cryoshelter.

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Source: Cryoshelter with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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