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Cenergy ANG for Stationary Storage

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Adsorbent Natural Gas Tested at RNG Station in Sacramento

Cenergy Solutions, which is developing adsorbent natural gas technology as a practical alternative to compressed natural gas, reports successful trials of ANG with CleanWorld/Refuel, which provides renewable natural gas to fleets in Sacramento.

Cenergy is looking to apply its ANG technology for natural gas storage to stationary as well as onboard vehicle systems.

Cenergy is looking to apply its ANG technology for natural gas storage to stationary as well as onboard vehicle systems.

“The results showed that four times more biomethane was stored in the same size adsorbent natural gas cylinder compared to a conventional CNG tank without an adsorbent,” states a Cenergy release.

“This test was conducted with our Generation I ANG cylinders,” said Cenergy COO Gary Fanger. “With our Generation II ANG cylinders, I expect the storage to substantially exceed the first test results.”

A Four-Fold Improvement?

ReFuel stores biomethane in two 20,000-gallon storage tanks. “It is believed that they can store up to four times more biomethane gas – and perhaps more – In these tanks with an ANG system,” Cenergy says. The companies are working to gauge the effects on the storage system if the 20,000 gallon tanks are converted.

Sacramento’s Atlas Disposal is among the operators using biomethane from CleanWorld/Refuel (F&F, September 29, 2013).

Cenergy says that it’s “continuing to do cycle testing to determine if the adsorbent natural gas will continue to perform at this level over time.”

More Gas at Lower Pressures

Cenergy claims “the most commercially ready ANG technology in the world,” allowing existing CNG storage vessels, both onboard vehicles and stationary, “to store more natural gas at lower pressures.”

“Not only does the ANG system create the opportunity for conformable, low pressure CNG storage tanks for full-scale NGV-hybrid deployment in the U.S. and across the world, but the lower-pressure ANG tanks also allows a more rapid market growth of a ubiquitous CNG refueling infrastructure to be conveniently and cheaply deployed.”

Microwave Technology for Desorbtion

The firm uses microwave technology that helps the activated carbon medium “desorb” the ANG-stored fuel.

Cenergy, which also sells brackets and related hardware for CNG vehicle upfits, opened a new technical center in Fremont, Calif. this past summer.

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Source: Cenergy Solutions with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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