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Agility Now Shipping Its ‘Blue iQ’ Systems

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Holistic Approach to Natural Gas Trucks Developed with Cummins:
The Goal Is ‘a Better-than-Diesel Experience for Natural Gas vehicles’

Agility Fuel Solutions said at the start of ACT Expo that it’s begun shipping its first Blue iQ brand production units for both large and small fleets and is accepting orders from all customers for Blue iQ equipment.

Two of the numerous CNG vehicles at ACT Expo 2017 with hardware from Agility Fuel Solutions

“Blue iQ was developed in collaboration with Cummins,” Agility says, “to create a better-than-diesel experience for natural gas vehicles…

“Customers have been enthusiastic about the product. It solves the challenges they face when switching their fleets to natural gas,” the company says.

Access to Propriety Engine Data

The new Agility product is integrated with Cummins Connected Diagnostics, INSITE service tool, and QuickServe support to connect vehicles, drivers, managers, and technicians for real-time management, diagnostics, and service.

Fleets now have access to propriety engine data that will help diagnose problems with their NGVs, find a service center for repairs, and have parts ready on arrival.

Blue iQ uses proprietary engine data for a set of tools that help reduce range anxiety. Vehicle Range Monitor tells drivers how far they can go with fuel on board with a Smart Gauge located inside the cab on the dashboard.

‘Blue iQ Opens New Doors for Fleets’

Eco Mode gives fleet managers the ability to control engine derate. Limp home mode makes sure drivers can get safely out of heavy traffic situations.

“Heavy-duty vehicles that run on renewable natural gas are among the cleanest on the planet with negative carbon dioxide emissions,” said Agility president and COO William Nowicke.

“Blue iQ opens new doors for fleets who want a better than diesel experience.”

ACT Expo 2018 – the next Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo – has been scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2018 – again at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach

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