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Cenergy ANG for 2 Commercial Fleets

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Adsorbent Natural Gas in Two Cylinder Types
With Rectangular Containers to Follow Soon

Cenergy Solutions is trumpeting a breakthrough for its adsorbent natural gas technology, which allows fuel to be stored at far lower pressure than conventional CNG/compressed natural gas. Two commercial fleets are using or have agreed to install ANG systems in their vehicles.

The Gas Connection in Colorado is one of two commercial fleets installing Cenergy’s ANG natural gas storage equipment in lieu of conventional CNG tanks.

The fleets are The Gas Connection in Broomfield, Colo. and AAAA Generator Services in Hayward, Calif.

Both, says Cenergy, have “been operating CNG vehicles for years and now they want to convert their vehicles to low pressure ANG tanks.

Catalina ANG Cylinders for AAAA

“AAAA Generator had one of their vehicles converted to ANG in December of 2015 and that vehicle has been the most used in their fleet since then without any problems since the conversion,” Cenergy says. Now more AAAA vehicles are to be converted from CNG to ANG, using low-pressure ANG cylinders from Catalina Composites (F&F, May 25), says Cenergy CEO Gary Fanger.

Cenergy COO Gary Fanger with AAAA Generator Services owner Michael Chiasson.

“The AAAA Generator fleet will be converted to ANG vehicles by one of Cenergy Solutions’ certified partners in California,” states a release.

Converted CNG Cylinders for The Gas Connection

“We will convert… existing CNG cylinders to ANG cylinders for The Gas Connection,” Fanger told F&F.

The work for The Gas Connection will take place at Cenergy’s new Arkansas Alternative Fuel Development and Training Center in Fort Smith. Cenergy announced its acquisition of Falcon CNG and with it the Fort Smith facility last month.

(Falcon CNG founder Barry Rowton is now a Cenergy VP in charge of the Fort Smith operation, where Cenergy is also providing free ANG training and will conduct its engineering and platform development work.)

High Pressure Is OK Too

“Both fleets will use Cenergy Solutions’ low-pressure compressors to fill their ANG tanks at their business location,” the announcement states. They will also have the option to fill at high-pressure fueling stations, as the Cenergy ANG equipment accommodates both low- and high-pressure fills.

Cenergy Solutions says that its ANG/adsorbent natural gas technology, which allows low-pressure onboard natural gas vehicle fuel storage, is a ‘game changer.’

Rounding out a “one stop shop” approach, Cenergy’s low-pressure compressors use 110 volts on a 15-amp breaker, available at homes and businesses without any installation cost. “As Cenergy’s ANG compressors only need to compress to roughly one-tenth the pressure of CNG, the savings in electricity is massive,” the company says.

Jacobi for Activated Carbon

Beyond the low-pressure ANG cylinder, Cenergy offers rectangular ANG tanks that can hold 40% to 100% more natural gas as a cylinder. “This will be a great solution for buses,” Fanger says, “especially school buses that would appreciate the lower pressure for safety reasons.”

Besides reporting certification of its low-pressure compressors for indoor use last month, the company reported an exclusive agreement with Jacobi Carbons, “the largest coconut based activated carbon company in the world,” for its adsorbed natural gas storage medium.

Jacobi Carbons claims the ‘broadest line of activated carbons in the industry.’

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Source: Cenergy Solutions with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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