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Amp Claims Lowest CI Rating Ever By Far

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Dairy-Derived RNG Fuel Cleaner than Electricity
As the Company Opens New Office in Los Angeles
And Pledges 100% RNG to All Its CNG Customers

Amp Americas said yesterday that its RNG/renewable natural gas operation at Indiana’s Fair Oaks Farms is the first dairy-derived, waste-to-vehicle fuel pathway certified by California’s Air Resources Board – chalking up a CI/carbon Intensity score of negative 254.94 gCO2e/MJ, “which is the lowest ever issued by CARB.”

Ruan is just one of AmpCNG’s many customers for RNG/renewable natural gas – most are in California.

CI is reckoned in grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule of energy, and is an effort to take into account all well-to-wheel factors involved in producing fuel and bringing it to market.

Amp Americas is also spreading the word

  • that it’s opened an office in Los Angeles (California gets the lion’s share of the Indiana RNG via pipeline);
  • that construction is underway for a second RNG project using dairy digester gas injection, also in the U.S. Midwest;
  • that its RDF/Renewable Dairy Fuels unit plans to more than double its dairy gas output by early 2018; and
  • that AmpCNG “aims to deliver 100% RNG to all 20 of its fueling stations as it brings on future projects.”

In addition to the monster CI number, the Indiana operation, which commenced output in 2011, “was also the first, and to-date only, U.S. EPA Renewable Fuel Standard-certified dairy waste-to-vehicle fuel project in the U.S.” and the first of its kind in California’s LCFS/low carbon fuel standard program.

“Fuels that emit more carbon have higher scores,” notes yesterday’s release. “Diesel registers +98, while traditional natural gas is only +79 and California electric is +35.

FAR Cleaner than Electric

“Fair Oaks’ -255 CI makes trucks using its fuel far cleaner than electric.” (emphasis added)

“There are very few credible providers in the dairy RNG space, no one with the level of experience we have operating dairy RNG, and no one with the CNG station network integrated with RNG production assets and marketing capabilities,” Ampe Americas COO Martin Gilkes, who heads the new Los Angeles office, says in the Wednesday release

Amp Americas says that its RDF/Renewable Dairy Fuels unit ‘is investing heavily in dairy RNG projects… and aims to deliver 100% RNG to all 20 of its fueling stations as it brings on future projects.’ AmpCNG Orlando shown here. Note Frito-Lay as a major AmpCNG customer.

“Amp Americas is leading the way in comprehensive renewable fueling for heavy trucks,” he said.

‘New Project CI Will also Be Very Low’

Greenlane Biogas is a key biogas purification equipment supplier at Fair Oaks, but different equipment will be used at the second Midwest installation, says Amp Americas CEO Grant Zimmerman.

“New project CI will also be very low,” he told F&F via email. “Too early to estimate a score.”

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Source: Amp Americas with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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