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Propane Offers Prodigious Positives, Says Roush, Citing ICF International Study

January 15, 2012 in Propane by rich  |  No Comments

42,000 Jobs, $29 Billion Gain

Roush CleanTech is spreading the word that, according to a study by ICF International, passage of the Propane Green Autogas Solutions (GAS) Act could create up to $5.7 billion per year in new economic activity and 42,000 net new jobs in the U.S. over the next five years.

From 2012 through 2021, this legislation would generate an increase in economic activity of up to $29 billion and, during the same period, diminish crude oil and petroleum imports by 83 to 117 million barrels, the study finds, “while creating no net cost to taxpayers.”

Wright & Filippis wants its incentives back

Wright & Filippis wants its incentives back

“Right now, Congress is holding the key to legislation that could drive significant economic activity in our country, and that key is passage of the Propane GAS Act,” Roush CleanTech president Joe Thompson said in a release.

Roush describes the pending legislation as “a simple extension of existing law,” as it would extend provisions found in both the 2005 Energy and 2005 Highway Bills that established tax incentives for propane autogas. The incentives help cover the incremental cost to convert a vehicle to run on propane autogas, provided 50¢ for every gallon pumped using onsite fueling infrastructure, and helped pay for that infrastructure.

Roush Cleantech wants to bring propane to the forefront

Roush Cleantech wants to bring propane to the forefront

“These opportunities assisted Wright & Filippis to do the right thing environmentally,” said Tom Hopkins of the Michigan home medical equipment distributor. The firm has eight Ford vans with Roush propane fuels systems.

“The Propane GAS Act would bring back incentives like these and lead more fleets like Wright & Filippis to reduce their emissions with propane autogas.”

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