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DHL to Save with Roush Propane Vans

July 24, 2012 in Fleet Order, Propane by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

100 E-250s in California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Texas

DHL Express is fielding 100 Ford E-250 cargo vans for package pickup and delivery work, placing the dedicated, liquid propane-injection vehicles with Roush CleanTech systems in California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Texas by late next month.

DHL expects a 42% fuel cost reduction on a per mile basis as it deploys 100 Ford E-250 vans with Roush CleanTech fuel systems in California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Texas.

DHL expects a 42% fuel cost reduction on a per mile basis and overall 28% vehicle operating cost per mile improvement, Roush says.

“Customers in the U.S. and worldwide are increasingly demanding greener logistics and sustainable business procedures,” DHL Express U.S. CEO Ian Clough says in a Roush release. “Initiatives like our all ‘green’ fleet in Manhattan and this propane autogas fleet not only lower our DHL carbon footprint, but are a smart, clean and cost-effective choice for our business.”

The 100 new Roush vans join propane vehicles already operating for DHL Express in Ohio, Tennessee and Louisiana. Parent Deutsche Post DHL wants to improve worldwide carbon efficiency 30% by 2020 from 2007 levels. “Through the use of propane autogas,” Roush says, “each alternative fuel vehicle saves over 22,587 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.”

Existing Infrastructure and In-House Fueling

DHL Express plans to use existing public fueling infrastructure in addition to adding fueling capability at its own service centers, Roush says, adding, “The infrastructure for propane autogas is less expensive than any other alternative fuel, and with thousands of stations across the nation, propane autogas already has the largest public refueling infrastructure of all alternative transportation fuel options.”

“We are committed to new technologies that help businesses meet economic and sustainability goals using safe and domestically produced energy sources,” said Roush CleanTech president Joe Thompson. “DHL is internationally known for its green initiatives, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to deliver an alternative fuel solution that lowers operating costs and emissions without compromising vehicle performance.”

The DHL fleet worldwide, including its corporate brands under Deutsche Post DHL, boasts more than 4,000 vehicles either powered by alternative fuels or modified for improved fuel-efficiency. The green fleet in Manhattan consists of 50 hybrid vans and 30 U.S.-built battery electric trucks.

Greg Miller is DHL Express U.S. fleet director.

Roush CleanTech, VP Todd Mouw, 734-466-6522; mobile 248-770-4557; [email protected];

DHL Express, Greg Miller, [email protected]

DHL Express info, Robert Mintz, 425-368-2163; mobile 425-984-4249; [email protected];


Source: Roush CleanTech release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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