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Roush for Ford Stripped Chassis

February 23, 2013 in Propane by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Propane for Three Sizes with Indiana’s GAS as Key Installer

Roush CleanTech is now offering its propane autogas fuel system on Ford F-59, F-53 and E-450 stripped chassis. “With excellent vehicle range and affordable price points, these platforms are a home run for hub and spoke model fleets,” sales and marketing Todd Mouw said in a release.

Roush is offering its propane autogas system on model year 2013 or newer Ford chassis with 6.8-liter, V10 engine (2011 Ford F-59 strip chassis shown here).

Roush is offering its propane autogas system on model year 2013 or newer Ford chassis with 6.8-liter, V10 engine (2011 Ford F-59 strip chassis shown here).

Roush is taking orders now for production and delivery commencing in May.

The Ford F-59 commercial step van chassis and the Ford E-450 stripped chassis adapt to numerous fleet delivery applications, such as bakery, textile, multi-stop package delivery service, linen and medical services, Roush says, while the F-53 offers a flexible commercial platform for trolleys and lunch trucks and more.

Elkhart, Ind.-based Green Alternative Systems is the installation partner for the Ford F-59 and F-53, Roush says. “We’ve experienced high demand for alternative fuel options,” GAS general manager Sean Connolly says in the Roush release.

EPA and California

All three strip chassis models “fulfill certification requirements in all 50 states by the California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency and achieve the same torque, towing and horsepower as conventionally fueled models.”

Delivery trucks are a key target market.

Delivery trucks are the major market.

The Roush-modified Ford F-53 and F-59 feature Ford’s 6.8-liter, V10 engine and come with a 67-gallon propane fuel tank. The Ford E-450 stripped chassis comes with a 41-gallon propane tank.

“The size and cargo capabilities of all three platforms are customizable for specific business vehicle applications,” Roush says. An early adopter of the F-59 stripped chassis includes the City of Laguna Beach, Calif., for propane-powered city trolleys, the upfitter adds.

‘$35,000 or More’ in Savings

The stripped chassis in propane “can help companies save $35,000 or more in fuel and operating expenses over the vehicle’s lifetime,” said Mouw. “And whether fleets use public fueling stations or install onsite private refueling, they’ll find refueling is inexpensive and easy.”

Roush promises to display the first propane autogas Ford F-59 at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis (March 6-8).

Roush, a fully Ford-sanctioned QVM, for Qualified Vehicle Modifier, promises “many new Ford product announcements” this year. “Ford continues to show leadership in the alternative fuel industry by providing gaseous fuel-prepped engine options that allow us to design, engineer and manufacture more and more propane autogas product offerings,” Mouw said.

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Source: Roush release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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