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Roush Blue Bird Propane for Bradford

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Estimated $1,500 Annual Savings for Each Propane Bus

The Bradford Area School District in northern Pennsylvania is saving money while enjoying improved reliability with propane autogas-fueled Blue Bird buses, says fuel system provider Roush CleanTech. updated on August 3

Pennsylvania's Bradford Area School District is paying about half for propane autogas fuel as it does for diesel, says a Roush CleanTech case study.

Pennsylvania’s Bradford Area School District is paying about half as much for propane autogas fuel for its eight Blue Bird Vision Propane buses as it does for diesel, says Roush CleanTech.

Savings are estimated at $1,500 per year per propane bus compared with maintenance and parts needed for diesel buses. Bradford has eight Blue Bird Vision Propane buses with 6.8-liter Ford V-10 engines.

Roush notes that on average, propane autogas costs 40% to 50% less than diesel. “Currently, the district is paying $1.42 per gallon of diesel versus 70¢ for propane, which includes a 55¢ per gallon government incentive.”

Cold Weather-Capable

The district also received a $5,000 government rebate on the initial cost of each bus, Roush says.

“The Bradford area saw temperatures of -25 degrees Fahrenheit last winter, and our propane buses ran without missing a beat,” Bradford transportation director Barry Bryan says in a Roush case study. The propane autogas fuel system used in the Blue Bird Vision heats the buses quickly and provides unaided cold weather starts to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blue Bird of Pittsburgh

The Bradford Area School District transports some 2,500 students each day on 28 daily bus routes. Its attendance area spans about 250 square miles, comprising five schools and nine buildings. Each school bus travels an average of 120 miles per day.

Roush credits Josh Wasielczyk of the Blue Bird of Pittsburgh dealership for helping Bradford deploy its propane vehicles. The district has a private fueling installation with two 1,000-gallon tanks.

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Source: Roush CleanTech with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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