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SES Propane Fueling for Ohio’s Laketran

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$1.6 Million, 30,000-Gallon Installation for Paratransit Fleet

Ohio’s Laketran and Superior Energy Systems are talking up a $1.6 million propane autogas facility to support the Cleveland-area agency’s “Dial-a-Ride” paratransit bus fleet.

‘The $1.6 million infrastructure investment will bring long term environmental and economic benefit to both Laketran and Lake County,’ Laketran says.

“Laketran is always looking for more efficient ways to operate and reduce cost. Right now it costs about $64 a day per vehicle to fuel a Dial-a-Ride bus on diesel,” Laketran deputy GM Ben Capelle said in a release.

“We will reduce the cost to about $40 a day per vehicle running on propane,” he said.

The Superior Energy Systems installation includes Pro-Vend 1000 single-hose and Pro-Vend 1500 dual-hose dispensers.

Multiple SES Dispensers

The SES facility includes 30,000 gallons of storage capacity and both Pro-Vend 1000 single-hose and Pro-Vend 1500 dual-hose dispensers. “These dispensers are easy to use and incorporate state of the art technology, like mass flow meters, which virtually eliminate unaccounted fuel that slips through the worn moving parts of mechanical meters,” SES says.

The three-phase capital project included engineering, construction of the fueling station, and installation of indoor propane detectors for safety inside Laketran’s 122,000-square-foot vehicle storage and maintenance area.

Mentor, Ohio-based CT Consultants led the engineering effort and the station was completed by SES, Laketran says.

85 Buses for 2018?

The Laketran fleet is made up of ADA-accessible VT3 and Terra Transit buses that seat either eight or ten passengers and can accommodate up to three wheelchairs.

The new Laketran buses are expected to serve nearly 300,000 annual Dial-a-Ride riders guaranteeing access to work, medical appointment, local shopping, education, and recreation.

Laketran said it is considering boosting its fleet of 80 Dial-a-Ride buses “operated a year ago to possibly 85 buses by the end of 2018” to meet increasing demand.

The aegncy says that a $416,000 FTA/Federal Transit Administration bus and facilities grant and a $754,000 CMAQ/Congestion Mitigation Air Quality grant paid for 80% of the cost of the fueling station and vehicles. “Laketran provided a local 20% match funded by the agency’s 0.25% local sales tax revenue.”

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Source: Laketran and SES with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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