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Electrovaya’s New SuperPolymer 2.0

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Canadian Firm to Supply Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Cable Ferry

Toronto-based Electrovaya is promoting a new version of its SuperPolymer brand lithium ion battery. SuperPolymer 2.0 “represents the integration of our automotive and grid knowledge, our customers’ feedback, recent safety enhancements in the aerospace sector and our overall vision of the future design of advanced batteries,” the company says – all with an emphasis on safety.

Norway's existing cable ferry at the Solund Verft yard. Electrovaya says that the new one by Solund Verft  – powered by its 'SuperPolymer 2.0' lithium ions – will be able to save an estimated nearly 48,000 gallons of fuel over its expected lifetime.

Norway’s existing cable ferry at the Solund Verft yard. Electrovaya says that the new one by Solund Verft – powered by its ‘SuperPolymer 2.0’ lithium ions – will be able to save an estimated nearly 48,000 gallons of fuel over its expected lifetime.

Electrovaya is also spreading the word that the new battery will be used to power an all-electric cable ferry that will ply a new route in Norway by year-end.

SuperPolymer 2.0 is “a new generation of lithium ion batteries,” Electrovaya says. Improvements include

  • better fire resistance, reduced flammability, anti-propagation;
  • a wider operating temperature range at both hot and cold extremes;
  • a more efficient thermal management system in a smaller space; and
  • better performance metrics.

Electrovaya says that SuperPolymer 2.0 will be produced via a green manufacturing process that avoids use of toxic NMP – n-methyl pyrrolidone.

Norway's existing cable ferry in service

Norway’s existing cable ferry in service

Module- and system-level SuperPolymer 2.0 improvements “are a result of intensive development at Electrovaya as well as the addition of intellectual property acquired from Tata Motors through the August 2012 acquisition of Miljobil,” Electrovaya says, projecting improved revenues with the new battery product.

Miljøbil Grenland also figures as Electrovaya will supply a large lithium ion battery system for Norway’s “Hisarøy” electric ferry. The boat will be fully battery-powered, and will ply a newly established car ferry route connecting Hisarøy with the rest of Gulen municipality, Electrovaya says. The ferry will make approximately ten round-trips per day between the mainland and the adjacent island, a round-trip distance of about 1.6 kilometers, or one mile.

‘A Strategy to Enter the Maritime Sector’

The battery ferry can save up to approximately 180,750 liters of fuel consumption over its expected lifetime, the battery maker says – nearly 48,000 gallons. The SuperPolymer 2.0 battery array affords “excellent performance and reliability with an exceptionally small on-board footprint.” Partners include the ferry company Wergeland, HAFS Elektro & Rør, and the shipbuilder Solund Verft.

Solund Verft yard in Hardbakke, Norway

Solund Verft yard in Hardbakke, Norway

“Since the acquisition of Miljøbil in August, 2012, we have been developing a strategy to enter the maritime sector not only in Norway, but globally,” Electrovaya CFO Paul Hart said in a release. “The Norwegian market is expected to grow as the government has set a target to reduce the country’s emissions by two thirds by 2030 and vessel companies are looking for energy-efficient propulsion systems.

“We believe Electrovaya will be leaders in this new business sector due to our high-energy density battery systems, toxic-free manufacturing process and our strong focus on system design and safety,” Hart says.

More Battery Boats Predicted

“This will be the first electric cable and road ferry in Norway, and there is another ferry project under discussion,” Solund Verft GM Svein-Tore Eide says in the Electrovaya announcement.

“Our customer, Wergeland AS, also currently operates a diesel-driven cable ferry between Duesundøy and Masfjordnes and this ferry is targeted for conversion to electric in the near future,” Eide said.

“We selected Electrovaya due to its in- depth understanding of the energy storage system market, its high level of assistance during the design phase and its leading-edge technology.”

The Hisarøy battery ferry is to be operational by late 2013. The onboard lithium ion battery will be opportunity-charged on the island between round trips, Electrovaya says.

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Source: Electrovaya with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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