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Nebraska Rebates for AFVs and Fueling

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State Will Pay Up to Half the Cost of Conversion, to $4,500

The Nebraska Energy Office (NEO) is administering a new program aimed at deploying – and helping fuel – a greater number of clean vehicles in the state. The rebate program applies to new vehicles running on CNG compressed natural gas, LNG/liquefied natural gas, LPG/propane autogas, and hydrogen. Also included are rebates for residential CNG dispensing equipment.

Busier now?

Busier now?

Conversions will be eligible for a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of a conversion system/kit, up to $4,500. The rebates apply to the cost of the fuel tank, fuel lines and exhaust system. The same guidelines apply to the incremental cost of new alternative fuel vehicles.

New alt fuel dispensing equipment will be eligible for up to 50% percent of the cost, up to $2,500.

‘We Expect the Funds to be Expended Quickly’

The new rebate program is funded under Bill 581 passed by the Nebraska Unicameral legislature this past May.

“We have received much interest in this program with dealers and others patiently waiting for the guidelines to be issued,” NEO director David Bracht said in a release.

“We expect the funds to be expended quickly, and encourage people to carefully read the guidelines and ensure their applications are complete to avoid any delay in processing.”

Rebates will not be given for purchases made prior to January 4.

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Source: Nebraska Energy Office with Fleets & Fuels follow-up



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