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23rd Annual NGV Achievement Awards

NGVAmerica Seeks Award Nominations

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23rd Annual Achievement Awards to Be Presented in September

NGVAmerica is seeking nominations for the 23rd Annual NGV Achievement Awards, to be presented on September 15. The awards will be made on conjunction with the 2015 North American NGV Conference & Expo taking place September 15–17 at the Colorado Convention Center.

The 2015 North American NGV Conference & Expo takes place September 15–17 in Denver.

The 2015 North American NGV Conference & Expo takes place September 15–17 in Denver.

The NGV Achievement Awards recognize individuals and organizations “for their outstanding contributions toward the advancement of natural gas as a vehicular fuel.” NGV industry equipment and service suppliers, policymakers, customers and clean air and clean transportation advocates are eligible.

“The NGV Achievement Awards recognize national innovators and early adopters for their outstanding leadership, vision and innovation to advance natural gas as a vehicular fuel,” NGVAmerica says.

Nominations Deadline July 17

“Award winners join a select group of individuals that have helped to realize the economic and environmental benefits of using domestic natural gas as a transportation fuel,” said association president Matt Godlewski.

The deadline for submitting Achievement Award nominations is July 17.

NGVAmerica expects more than 1,000 attendees in Denver, among them policymakers, fleet operators, fuel station owners, vehicle OEMs and technology companies.

The meeting is hosted by NGVAmerica with the support of NGV Global, and is being organized this year by the UK’s CWC.

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Source: NGVAmerica with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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