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Goal is to Help Understand and Meet Sales Mandates

The Washington, D.C.-based Association of Global Automakers has launched the website to detail the advancement of green vehicle technologies and explain “the challenges of today’s marketplace as both automakers and states strive to reach target sales for zero emission vehicles.”

‘Building a sustainable market remains a challenge,’ says Global Automakers, which has launched a new website,

‘Building a sustainable market remains a challenge,’ says Global Automakers, which has launched a new website,

“Automakers are making major investments in designing and marketing ZEVs,” Global Automakers president and CEO John Bozzella, said in a release. But, he said, “building a sustainable market remains a challenge.

“It will take effort from the industry, states, and consumers alike to reach the sales mandate set by the state of California.”

California and Its Followers

California’s ZEV mandate requires that 15% of new vehicles sold in the state by 2025 be zero emission vehicles – such as plug-in hybrid electric, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, Global Automakers.

Nine additional states have adopted California’s mandate. is to designed to track both the steps that automakers and states are taking to reach these sales requirements, with sales figures to quantify progress.

‘We Are Committed to Seeing These Technologies Succeed’

“We are committed to seeing these technologies succeed and hope that by increasing awareness of the new and exciting products out there we can help these states as they try to reach their ZEV requirements,” Bozzella said.

The organization notes that there are more than 35 different makes and models of zero emission vehicles on the market. And, while California leads the nation in electric and hydrogen infrastructure funding and incentives, ZEVs remain at less than 3% of new vehicle sales.

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Source: Global Automakers with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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