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BAE HybriDrive Series

New Flyer CNG, Hybrids for MBTA

October 25, 2015 in CNG, Electric Drive, Fleet Order, Hybrids, transit by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

525 with Options, Including as Many as 350 BAE Series HybriDrive Vehicles

New Flyer has disclosed a large order for the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority including a firm order for 175 of the company’s Xcelsior XN40 compressed natural gas buses and 150 XDE40 diesel-electric hybrid buses, with options for an additional 200 XDE40 hybrids over the next five years.

BAE-Cummins Start-Stop for Hybrids

August 5, 2014 in Electric Drive, EVs, Hybrids, New Products by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Slashes 40-Foot Bus Idle Time and Reduces Fuel Use

BAE Systems and Cummins are promoting a new start-stop feature for 40-foot transit buses equipped with the Cummins ISB6.7 diesel engine and BAE’s HybriDrive brand Series-E drivetrain. The optional feature, said to be a first for North America, has been shown to reduce idle time by 30% to 40%, while paring fuel use from 5% to 8%.

New Flyer Hybrids for SF Muni

January 14, 2014 in Electric Drive, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Option for 50 BAE-Drive Units Adds to 62 Previously Ordered,
Among the 112 Are Allison Parallel as Well as BAE Series Drives

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority – SF Muni – is operating 112 hybrid electric buses from New Flyer Industries, 89 of them with series drivetrains from BAE Systems. The agency exercised an option for 50 of the 40-foot vehicles late last year, adding to 62 previously ordered and deployed. updated January 15

120 BAE HybriDrive Buses for Seattle

October 5, 2013 in Electric Drive by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

King County Order Is the Largest Ever for the Series Product
As HybriDrive System ‘Powers a Bus Completely Electrically’

BAE Systems is talking up selection of its HybriDrive Series-E electric drivelines to power 120 New Flyer Xcelsior buses for King County Metro Transit in Seattle. “This is the largest order to date of the HybriDrive Series-E propulsion system, which enables electric drive modes to eliminate emissions from the vehicle and to reduce engine idling,” BAE said.


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