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BAE for 222 Hybrid New Flyers for Seattle

February 10, 2017 in Fleet Order, Hybrids, transit by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

$202 Million for 60-Foot Artics for King County Metro

New Flyer has disclosed a $202 million contract for 222 sixty-foot articulated Xcelsior hybrid electric buses for the Seattle area’s King County Department of Transportation for King County Metro Transit.

BAE Systems' 'HybriDrive' series hybrid-electric propulsion system for articulated transit buses

BAE Systems’ ‘HybriDrive’ series hybrid-electric propulsion system for articulated transit buses

The buses will have ‘HybriDrive’ series hybrid-electric drivelines from BAE Systems, says a BAE source, with lithium ion battery packs.

The contract includes both two- and three-door 60-foot buses.

A Big, Big Buyer

King County Metro is the eighth-largest transit bus agency in the United States, New Flyer notes, carrying an average of 395,000 passengers each weekday on some 215 routes.

Since 1999, the manufacturer says, it has delivered or has on order 1,400 transit buses for King County.

BAE says that it’s supplied more than 7,000 hybrid electric bus systems worldwide. The firm has also begun supplying drivelines for 100% battery electric buses (F&F, February 2).

BAE says that it’s supplied more than 7,000 hybrid electric bus systems worldwide. The firm has also begun supplying drivelines for 100% battery electric buses (F&F, February 2).

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Source: New Flyer with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

BAE-Gillig e-Buses for Walnut Creek

February 2, 2017 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order, transit by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Four Buses for Town in Suburbs of San Francisco:
‘First Zero-Emission Transit Solution for the Area’

Four 100% battery electric buses with drivelines by BAE Systems for Walnut Creek, in Contra Costa County east of San Francisco, are the first by vehicle manufacturer Gillig and the “first zero-emission transit solution for the area,” according to a BAE blog post.

BAE Systems Touts Boston ‘Bendies:’ 90?

September 23, 2016 in Fleet Order, Hybrids, transit by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

44 Articulated Buses with HDS300 Driveline, Options for 46 More,
BAE Notes Availability of Its HybriDrive on Artics by Nova Bus Too

New Flyer is commencing deliveries of 44 of its 60-foot Xcelsior buses to the MBTA/Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority in Boston, reports series hybrid electric driveline supplier BAE Systems.

CARB $23.6 Million for Port e-Trucks

May 9, 2016 in ACT Expo 2016, Electric Drive, money awarded, ports by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Statewide Project for Cleaner Trucks at Ports & Railyards

The California Air Resources Board has awarded $23.6 million to the South Coast Air Quality Management District for electric-powered port trucks, doing so at ACT Expo 2016 in Long Beach this past Wednesday.

SARTA Breaks Ground for Ohio H2

January 6, 2016 in Electric Drive, event, fuel cells, Hydrogen, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Air Products Fuel and Gear for $1.6 Million Station in Canton
To Support a New Fleet of Ballard Fuel Cell, BAE Drive Buses

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority and officials including Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor broke ground yesterday on a new hydrogen fueling facility in Canton, south of Akron. The facility will support a new fleet of seven zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses that are to commence operation on SARTA routes late this year and throughout 2017.

Ten Hydrogen Buses for SARTA & SunLine

February 10, 2015 in Electric Drive, Fleet Order, fuel cells, Hydrogen, money awarded by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

FTA Has Awarded $18.7 Million for Fuel Cell Buses in Ohio and California:
ElDorado Bodies, BAE Drivelines, Luxfer Cylinders and Ballard Fuel Cells

The Federal Transit Administration has awarded nearly $8.88 million to SARTA, Ohio’s Stark Area Regional Transit Authority, and $9.8 million to Southern California’s SunLine Transit to each deploy five new hydrogen fuel cell buses.

BAE’s Big GCV Gets Ready to Roll

October 6, 2013 in batteries, Electric Drive by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Series Hybrid Electric Is to Serve the U.S. Army for a Generation

BAE Systems is getting set for first quarter trials of its 60- to 70-ton, 1,400-horsepower Ground Combat Vehicle for the U.S. Army. The twin-engined, series hybrid electric is to see service for 30 years or more, and its versatile architecture could find application not only for the armored troop carrier in development now, but for new Army tanks and heavy recovery (tow) vehicles, says program manager Deepak Bazaz.

120 BAE HybriDrive Buses for Seattle

October 5, 2013 in Electric Drive by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

King County Order Is the Largest Ever for the Series Product
As HybriDrive System ‘Powers a Bus Completely Electrically’

BAE Systems is talking up selection of its HybriDrive Series-E electric drivelines to power 120 New Flyer Xcelsior buses for King County Metro Transit in Seattle. “This is the largest order to date of the HybriDrive Series-E propulsion system, which enables electric drive modes to eliminate emissions from the vehicle and to reduce engine idling,” BAE said.


BAE Touts Hybrid GCV Drive Tests

August 26, 2013 in Electric Drive, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

2,000 Miles of Hybrid System Evaluation on ‘Hotbuck’ Unit

BAE Systems reports completion of 2,000 miles of tests of the hybrid electric driveline for the U.S. Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle on its “Hotbuck” rig in Santa Clara, Calif. The tests indicate that a hybrid GCV will have greater agility, acceleration and maneuverability than a comparable mechanical system, and that the hybrid vehicle will use up to 20% less fuel than a conventionally powered GCV.

NABI for WMATA with 85 Hybrids Firm

July 27, 2013 in CNG, Electric Drive, Fleet Order, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

$60 Million Firm Order for 85 Buses with Allison Parallel Drives,
Options for Up to 569 More Through 2018 Include CNG Vehicles

New Flyer Industries is trumpeting an award by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to North American Bus Industries for as many as 654 hybrid and CNG buses. The news includes a firm order for 85 Bus Rapid Transit-style 42-foot diesel-electric hybrids to be built by New Flyer’s new NABI Bus subsidiary. updated August 1

BAE’s HybridDrive for New Flyer Artics

July 16, 2013 in Electric Drive, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Order by Santa Clara VTA Takes Series Drive into New Vehicle Type

An order for 29 New Flyer buses by the Valley Transportation Authority in Santa Clara, Calif. takes the HybriDrive brand series hybrid electric driveline by BAE Systems into articulated transit vehicles for the first time.

475 Series Hybrid Buses for Quebec

April 25, 2013 in Electric Drive, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

BAE’s First HybriDrive Series Electric Placement with Nova Bus

BAE Systems will supply its second-generation HybriDrive Series-E Propulsion drivelines for 475 low-floor buses by Volvo-Nova Bus for Canada’s ATUQ, the Association du transport urbain du Quebec consortium of nine area transit agencies. The order includes an option for approximately 1,200 additional vehicles.

New Flyer Hybrids for Seattle

February 12, 2013 in Electric Drive, Fleet Order, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

King County Contract with Daimler Orion Transferred Over

As many as 381 buses for Seattle Metro Transit, a division of the King County Department of Transportation, will be built by New Flyer Industries rather than by Daimler Buses North America, New Flyer said Tuesday. Most will be series hybrid electric vehicles with HybriDrive brand drivelines from BAE Systems.

New Flyer’s Flying High

January 22, 2013 in CNG, Fleet Order, Hybrids, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

20 Xcelsior 60-Foot CNG Buses for OCTA Under CPV Umbrella,
Plus 29 CNG Buses for New York, and 60-Foot Hybrids for VTA

New Flyer Industries continues to rack up the transit orders. The Winnipeg-based manufacturer is adding compressed natural gas-fueled buses for Southern California’s Orange County and New York City, plus hybrids for California’s Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, to recent CNG wins and contracts in Los Angeles and San Diego.

ADL Wants the World

November 27, 2012 in CNG, Companies, Fleet Order, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

UK Busmaker Trumpets Four-Digit Sales, JV with New Flyer,
BAE Hybrid Technology with Start-Stop Nigh, CNG Buses Too 

World domination may be going it a bit strong, but Scotland’s Alexander Dennis Limited is stepping up the pace in advanced buses – talking up many hundreds of buses for China, a joint venture with North America’s New Flyer Industries to serve a market that’s “ready for change,” a renewed emphasis on fuel-saving technologies including hybrid drive – and compressed natural gas to boot.

BAE and Crane Plan National Tour

May 22, 2012 in Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

BAE Systems and Crane Carrier showed a hybrid electric refuse truck that’s about to begin working trials. The truck will first be tested with Los Angeles carters, before going to Seattle this summer and elsewhere in the U.S. later in the year.

The real-world refuse collectors “will be working with us to validate the fuel efficiency claims,” says Crane’s Glenn Pochocki. According to BAE, fuel economy improvements could amount to 30%.

Remy Around the Show

March 9, 2012 in Electric Drive, EVs, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Remy mounted a display at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis last week, and perhaps more importantly, its motors could be seen on several vehicles at the show.

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