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North Carolina Funding: $1.3 Million

September 3, 2014 in Alternative Fuels, Electric Drive, money available by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

$1.3 Million Remains for NCCETC Emission Reduction Projects

The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center has issued a final request for proposals for more than $1.3 million for transportation technology-related emission reduction projects. Funding can cover as much as 80% of a given project’s cost.

It’s part of CFAT, the Clean Fuel Advanced Technology project – a three-year, $6.2 million initiative supported by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and by CMAQ/federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds, NCCETC said yesterday.

NCCETC-logoThe deadline for proposals for this last round of NCCETC/CFAT funding is November 3.

Previously approved proposal requests, in 2013 and 2014, “distributed over $3 million to 30 public and private entities for a variety of projects including natural gas-powered trucks and refueling infrastructure, propane refueling equipment and vehicle conversions, electric vehicle charging stations, on-board telematics equipment and biodiesel refueling equipment,” NCCETC said yesterday.

Alt Fuels, Electric Drive, Hybrids, Biofuels

“Project managers anticipate an equally wide range of applications through this request, including alternative fuel and hybrid electric vehicles, vehicle conversions and upfits for operation on cleaner-burning propane or natural gas, alternative fuel refueling and electric recharging infrastructure, onboard idle reduction and telematics technology for fuel savings and emission reduction, and emission control retrofits for school buses and other heavy duty diesel vehicles.”

In order to be eligible, a project must show reduce transportation-related emissions within 24 eligible North Carolina counties, “with the exception of electric recharging infrastructure which, in accordance with new federal guidelines, can be located anywhere within the state.”

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Source: NCCETC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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