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ChargePoint Fleet Plan

ChargePoint Is Doing More for Fleets

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New Charger Hardware Plus New Fleet Plans, and a Card

Networked EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) provider ChargePoint announced its new CPF25 charging station and upgrades to its Fleet Plan at ACT Expo 2016 in Long Beach, Calif. today.


ChargePoint’s new 32-amp CPF25 Level 2 charger features ‘a rugged, easy to mount, compact and attractive case rated for indoor or outdoor use.’

“The new offerings enhance ChargePoint’s fleet solutions, meeting the charging needs of every fleet and shared-use scenario, from campuses and government sharing programs to large commercial fleets,” the company says.

EVs Make Sense for Fleets

Because EVs offer lower fueling, operating and maintenance costs as compared with traditional gasoline vehicles, “EV fleet vehicles are increasingly joining the 430,000 EVs driven by consumers on U.S. roads to not only help combat climate change but to also improve transportation economics for their owners,” ChargePoint says.

“We are seeing forward-thinking organizations making the transition,” says CEO Pasquale Romano. “Adopting EV platforms simply makes sense for any fleet manager.”

His company’s new CPF25 station is a fully networked, 32-amp, Level 2 charging station with RFID card/smartphone reader authentication, robust Wi-Fi, and SAE J1772 connector.

ChargePoint’s updated Fleet Plan, for use in conjunction with the CPF25,

  • maximizes station utilization with real-time information for drivers and fleet operators on which stations are in use or available and what their historical utilization patterns are;
  • optimizes vehicle utilization with real-time information on the charging location;
  • saves money and energy with such features as scheduled charging to allow charging to coincide with the lowest cost energy rates, and the ability to lower installation costs by stretching existing electrical infrastructure with panel sharing technology; and
  • supports fleet drivers 24/7 “so fleet operators don’t have to,” the company says.

ChargePoint has also introduced the ChargePoint Fleet Card for operators wanting to use public infrastructure.

The company claims the world’s largest EV charging network, with more than 28,000 locations to plug in and charge.

‘Transforming the Transportation Industry’

“We are transforming the transportation industry by providing the charging stations, mobile apps, analytics and the charging network that allow property owners and drivers to benefit,” ChargePoint says.

“More than 350 million gas-free miles have been driven on our network, and our drivers have collectively avoided more than 14.5 million gallons of gasoline and 107 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.”

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Source: Fleets & Fuels with ChargePoint at ACT Expo 2016

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