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Zebulon for Zavoli LPG-Propane Upfits

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46 Police Vehicles by Allan Vigil Ford in Georgia

Iowa’s Zebulon is talking up its Zavoli equipment conversions of existing Ford vehicles to LPG/liquefied petroleum gas/propane autogas-gasoline bi-fuel operation, citing U.S. EPA-compliant systems for various 2010-2013 model years vehicles, including vans, SUVs, and Crown Victoria sedans.

‘Police interceptors are a perfect fleet application for LPG conversions,’ says Zebulon CTO Lee Nelson.

‘Police interceptors are a perfect fleet application for LPG conversions,’ says Zebulon CTO Lee Nelson.

“Converting to LPG provides fleets with the option to contract low propane fuel prices for up to five years,” Zebulon says. “Less vehicle maintenance, including fewer oil changes, should also be calculated into the total cost savings.”

‘Perfect Sense’

The firm says it performed recent EPA testing and has been awarded a 46-vehicle police interceptor conversion project for DeKalb County in Georgia. The project is to be completed next month, with installations by Allan Vigil Ford, a certified Zavoli dealer.

“Globally Zavoli sells more LPG conversion systems than [compressed natural gas] systems, and their equipment is highly respected,” Zebulon partner and CTO Lee Nelson said in a release.

Bi-Fuel Eliminates Range Anxiety

“Police interceptors are a perfect fleet application for LPG conversions, as are other first responder vehicles,” Nelson said. “Converting to LPG makes perfect sense for a wide variety of fleets.

“Zavoli’s systems are bi-fuel, making it simple for vehicles to operate on LPG or gasoline independent of the other, eliminating driving range anxiety.”

Zebulon offers a complimentary fleet evaluation and estimated return on investment with no obligation. The firm also said this month that it’s that it’s been named the exclusive U.S. distributor for Impco Automotive’s third model year and beyond ÇNG and propane autogas vehicle conversions (F&F, January 12).

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Source: Zebulon Innovations with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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