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PG&E Proceeds with Altec ‘Hybrids’

July 23, 2013 in Electric Drive, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Altec’s Battery Aerial Lifts for All New Trouble Truck Buys

“The hybrid is now our standard,” says Dave Meisel, senior transportation director at Pacific Gas & Electric. He was talking about the utility’s numerous trouble trucks, and by “hybrid” he means standard drive vehicles, primarily Ford F-550s, with battery-powered aerial lifts, electrified accessories like air conditioning, and ePTO – electric power takeoff.

PG&E Touts Altec ‘e-WIMS’ Buckets

February 12, 2013 in Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Says It Will Add 127 Altec Battery Lift Trucks in 2013

Pacific Gas and Electric says it will add 127 bucket trucks with battery-powered Altec aerial lifts during 2013, augmenting 320 it now has. “By 2017, the utility plans to have over 700 e-WIMS trucks in its fleet,” PG&E transportation services director Dave Meisel said in a Tuesday release.

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