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Valence Lithium Iron for EaglePicher

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EaglePicher to Use Lithium Iron Phosphate for Aerospace

Valence Technology has disclosed a strategic alliance with EaglePicher Technologies whereby the manufacturer will Valence lithium iron phosphate batteries and powders.

“The agreement accelerates EaglePicher’s expanding Lithium-Ion based portfolio of products and applications that will be developed at its Lithium-Ion Center of Excellence in Joplin, Mo,” Valence said.

Valence Technology's 26650 cylindrical lithium iron magnesium phosphate power cells

Valence Technology’s 26650 cylindrical lithium iron magnesium phosphate power cells

Valence says that EaglePicher “will have the exclusive right to manufacture cells for certain types of U.S. government programs and key specialty commercial applications utilizing the Valence designs and specifications, including Valence’s high-power proprietary cathode powder and cylindrical lithium ion cell design.

“EaglePicher also received consideration to purchase cells manufactured by Valence.”

‘A Reliable and Sustainable Domestic Source’

“Our mission to create a reliable and sustainable domestic source of lithium ion cells for a wide range of government-related applications has been greatly enhanced by this agreement,” EaglePicher VP and GM for aerospace Ron Nowlin says in the Valence release.

“The safety of iron phosphate chemistry, coupled with its high-power performance, made Valence Technology the right choice for our most demanding applications,” Nowlin said. “The protected license of U.S.-based Valence materials also made them a logical partner to help us meet the needs of our defense and aerospace customers.”

“This strategic agreement provides an avenue for Valence products and technologies to be utilized in even more widespread applications,” said Valence engineering VP Paul Krueger.

Valence Affiliate EVI Said Sold

Valence claims a “unique and versatile preparative method” called carbothermal reduction for its lithium iron magnesium phosphate cathode powder. CTR results in high quality and longer-lasting lithium iron magnesium phosphate powder, “with more sustained conductivity, enhanced performance and ultimately a better cathode material that is more easily manufactured into cells.”

Valence Technology is – or was – a sister company to Electric Vehicles International of Stockton, Calif. Valence has supplied EVI with batteries for project including 100 all-electric trucks for UPS (F&F, August 5, 2102). Sources tell F&F that EVI has been sold – Stay Tuned!

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Source: Valence Technology with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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