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Even Electric for Multi-Brand EV Sales

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‘Traditional Dealership Model Has Proven Unable to Deliver’

Even Electric is announcing plans in Ottawa today for “the first global sales and distribution network for electric transportation offering multi-brand, new and pre-owned vehicles through an innovative retail and online customer experience.”

“The traditional dealership model has proven unable to deliver the sales and service experience that EV owners want and need,” Mike Elwood, CEO of the new Canada-based venture, said in a release. “Our Even model was developed to combine the best aspects of both an on-line and in-store retail experience to make it easy for EV customers to find and acquire exactly what they want, when and where they want it.”

“We want to work with governments, and utilities, and fleets, and consumers, wherever they wants us,” Elwood told F&F. Even’s sales principle was proven in Iceland, the company says. Elwood names Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and islands nations as potential markets.

‘Lower Costs Across the Entire Supply Chain’

“Moving from dealership to dealership to shop one car at a time is simply an outdated process,” said Even COO John Gordon says in today’s announcement. “Even has created an entirely new distribution model – one that is enabled by technology to offer customers an unprecedented level of choice and convenience.”

EvenElectric-logo“Even will significantly lower costs across the entire supply chain by optimizing the flow of EVs directly to the global markets when and where they’re needed,” Gordon said.

The new company pledges to maintain electric vehicle inventories at efficient and cost-effective centralized processing centers in key countries. Once selected, a vehicle will be shipped to the nearest Even “Customer Centre” – described as “a streamlined and less capital intensive version of a dealership.

A Versatile Delivery Scheme

“Vehicle deliveries – as well as service – can occur at either the Customer Centre, or directly in an owner’s driveway. Customer Centres, plus a robust schedule of test drive events, will compliment the sales and service experience.”

Even says it’s engaging and consulting with governments, fleets and NGOs to more fully participate in development of EV infrastructure and deployment. Elwood points to the success of a pilot program in Iceland, and the new firm says it’s in advanced discussions for locations in Canada, Norway, Panama, Ireland, Belgium and the U.K.

The 2013-2014 program in Iceland “both validated the concept and allowed the group to collect real world market information, ultimately leading to the formation of the Even Electric partnership,” according to a release prepared for today’s Ottawa EV Day in Canada.

‘Consumer Demand Is High’

“Iceland is a small, compact country with a limited road system and relatively short commutes,” said Even Electric chairman and founder Gisli Gislason. “One hundred percent of the country’s electricity on the grid comes from renewable sources.

“What we learned in Iceland,” Gislason said, “is that consumer demand for EVs is high, provided the proper distribution and infrastructure services are in place. The Even model quickly sold 100 cars and left an additional 200 orders unmet simply due to supply constraints. Overall, our biggest problem was sourcing enough EV products to meet demand.”

Gislason noted that the Province of Ontario alone has a target for EV sales of 5% by 2020, translating to 14,000 cars per year at that time. There are now just 7,000 electric vehicles in Ontario. EVoCharge for EVSE.

Even Electric, the group has formed an added strategic partnership with Los Angeles-based EVoCharge for EVSE/electric vehicle supply equipment. EVoCharge charging infrastructure products include the EVoReel cable management line. Josh Kiewic is EVoCharge co-founder and CEO.

Even Electric will use software provided by Microsoft for back-end management.

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Source: Even Electric with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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