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EDTA Again at ACT Expo in May 2016

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‘Members Represent the Entire Value Chain of Electric Drive’

The Washington, D.C.-based Electric Drive Transportation Association is again throwing in its lot with the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, combining its annual exhibition with ACT Expo for the second year running. ACT Expo 2016 takes place May 2-5 in Long Beach, Calif.

EDTA president Genevieve Cullen tells why
her organization sees ACT Expo 2016 as the place to be.

EDTA is the cross-industry trade association that has been promoting the advancement of electric drive technology and electrified transportation since 1989 and a proud partner of the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Our members represent the entire value chain of electric drive, including vehicle manufacturers, battery and component manufacturers, utilities and energy companies, smart grid and charging infrastructure developers. Collectively, we are committed to realizing the economic, national security, and environmental benefits of displacing oil with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

EDTA president Genevieve Cullen

EDTA president Genevieve Cullen

Diversifying transportation with domestic alternatives will enhance our energy security, protect consumers and the economy from price volatility, and increase U.S. competitiveness in the global clean energy markets.

Cheaper, Cleaner, Quieter

Around one-third of the oil we use is imported, costing our economy roughly $192 billion annually. Even with reduced imports, our energy and economic security continue to be threatened by oil dependence. Our transportation sector is still almost wholly fueled by a single commodity, whose price is set by the global market and whose availability is subject to significant geopolitical uncertainty. In addition to national and global benefits, electrification offers fleet operators the benefits of cheaper, cleaner and quieter operation. As automakers expand their commitment to electrification, fleet operators have access to vehicles of diverse sizes, price points and capabilities from nearly every major manufacturer.

There are also growing opportunities to electrify the medium- and heavy-duty fleets across the nation. The EIA projects that, in the U.S., heavy-duty vehicles will see the fastest increases in energy demand among all transportation modes from 2010 to 2040. Increased efficiency and fuel diversity in this segment will have a significant impact on fleet fuel consumption and emissions, and electrification offers flexibility in meeting regulatory requirements.

The EV Infrastructure Is Coming Together

Electric drive infrastructure is growing exponentially to meet the diverse charging needs of the driving public. Collaborative efforts between private industry, government and utility partners are accelerating national and regional charging infrastructure deployment to serve individual, business and municipal users of electric drive. In addition to ubiquitous home charging infrastructure, there are currently over 11,000 publically available stations with a projected 1.5 million locations to be available by 2017. Large and small employers are increasingly offering charging options for their employees.

In addition to their operational and emissions benefits, electric drive offers fleet operators certainty in fuel costs. While oil prices may be low today, businesses are all too aware of oil price volatility and the challenges it can pose for a company with an oil powered fleet. Electricity prices are substantially lower than petroleum fuels –– and they are stable. Domestically-produced grid electricity, on average, can power plug-in cars at the equivalent of $1 per gallon of gasoline – roughly 3.13 cents per mile.

EVS29 in Montreal in June

Transforming the way we move people and goods and reducing our dependence on oil requires new ways of thinking, planning and operating. EDTA is excited to be part of the continuing dialogue at the ACT Expos, including next year’s event in Long Beach. We also invite you to join us for a global exchange on these leading edge technologies as EDTA hosts the 29th World Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS29), June 19-22, 2016 in Montreal, Quebec.

ACT Expo is organized by Fleets & Fuels publisher Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

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Source: Special to Fleets & Fuels from EDTA

EVS29 in Montreal: Call for Papers

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October 30 Is Deadline for Abstracts for Meeting in June

Organizers of EVS29 in Montreal are seeking abstracts for technical papers for the event’s conference. EVS29, next year’s 29th annual World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, takes place June 19-22 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal in Canada.

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