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McNeilus 92 GGE

McNeilus Shows Its Low-Profile BoC CNG

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Designed for Natural Gas Trucks with Dump Bodies

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing unveiled an enhanced, high-capacity, low-profile back-of-cab fuel assembly for compressed natural gas vehicles at ACT Expo last week. The new array holds 92 diesel gallon equivalents.

“We’ve improved our newest back-of cab system, reducing overall weight and increasing capacity, all while maintaining the lower profile municipalities and construction vehicles with dump body configurations require,” McNeilus project engineer Lucas Crist said in a release.

The new CNG fuel cylinder array from McNeilus maintains the lower profile needed for dump body vehicles.

The new CNG fuel cylinder array from McNeilus maintains the lower profile needed for dump body vehicles.

The new design “provides customers with the benefit of all the needed capacity to get them through a full day’s work in a single module,” he said.

Far Fewer Connections & Components

Said to be “ideal for fleets with Class 7 and Class 8 trucks,” the new NGen assembly features a streamlined design with 50% fewer fitting connections and 25% fewer plumbing components than industry standard systems, the company says.

The system “offers customers exceptional value in innovation, performance, weight, fill time and durability, all backed by the industry’s best service and support network,” McNeilus says.

Upgrades included three of Luxfer’s new and lighter-weight Gen2 G-Stor Go Type IV cylinders, “optimizing the overall weight of the system and minimizing the height to meet low-clearance specifications,” McNeilus says. Each cylinder is fitted with a Luxfer G-Flo one-turn valve “that not only extends vehicle range by providing more usable gas at the required flow rate, but also significantly increases the filling flow rate.”

Dedicated PRD

A dedicated pressure-relief device system spans the full length of each cylinder and provides continuous heat protection.

McNeilus boasts more than 5,000 NGen brand CNG-equipped vehicles on the road. “We offer only fully tested and certified configurations that are backed by a national service network and an expert team to assist customers,” said Brad Nelson, Oshkosh senior VP and president of the commercial business segment at McNeilus.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2016 in Long Beach, Calif.

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