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Ryder Flex-to-Green for Source Interlink

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Natural gas truck leasing pioneer Ryder has disclosed its first Flex-to-Green lease agreement, whereby customers lease conventional trucks with an option to switch to NGVs.

California Wants Easier LNG Fueling

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The California Energy Commission has $3 million for projects to help make LNG fueling less daunting

The California Energy Commission has $3 million for projects to help make LNG fueling less daunting

Reasoning that more operators will deploy LNG trucks if it’s easier to fuel them, the California Energy Commission is offering $3 million to fund R&D “that reduces or removes the barriers associated with expanding LNG vehicle fueling infrastructure.”

CEC’s Public Interest Energy Research solicitation RFP 500-11-503 seeks to improve the handling characteristics of liquefied natural gas dispensing equipment, and its reliability and durability.

“Growth of the LNG vehicle market would be accelerated,” CEC says, “if certain technical and economic barriers (such as splash-back, freeze-up, and vapor loss problems with LNG dispensing, vapor venting during long-term storage of fuel, safety issues associated with the LNG dispensing system, overall cost of the systems) to expanding LNG fueling infrastructure were removed or reduced.

“These barriers currently inhibit investment decisions by vehicle and equipment manufacturers as well as LNG truck purchase decisions. Removing these barriers would result in more heavy-duty NGVs on the road, reducing petroleum dependence and GHG emissions.”

The agency wants to minimize the likelihood of vapor release during LNG vehicle fueling, and tackle “station-vehicle interface issues that affect station design or operation.”

CEC has scheduled a pre-bid conference for January 23, in Sacramento.

The deadline to submit proposals is February 17.

Gillig Buses for Colorado’s Roaring Fork May Well Be CNG-Fueled

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Colorado’s Roaring Fork Transportation Authority has purchased 22 new buses from Gillig Corp, and if the RFTA board gives its approval in March, the agency will exercise an option for Gillig to deliver the first four vehicles with compressed natural gas fuel systems.

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