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Hydrogen Permitting How-To on YouTube

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Orange County Fire Authority & NREL Collaborate on Videos

NREL, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and OCFA, Southern California’s Orange County Fire Authority, have released a four-part series of videos aiming to help advocates of hydrogen as a transportation fuel to establish the necessary fueling infrastructure.

Carl Baust is a fire prevention analyst with Southern California’s Orange County Fire Authority.

Carl Baust is a fire prevention analyst with Southern California’s Orange County Fire Authority.

Their goal is to help the companies building stations, and the persons responsible for safety, together navigate a thorny permitting process.

The videos are narrated by Carl Baust, a fire prevention analyst with OCFA.

High Pressure and Super Cold

They cover the experiences of fire, building, and planning department staffers with the plan review and inspection requirements of stations for fueling hydrogen vehicles.

“Planners and regulators from around the country will be faced with temperatures of minus 423 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures exceeding 10,000 psi installed only feet away from the general public,” Baust says in the introductory video.

Coordination? ‘Essential’

“Coordination between the building an fire departments is essential,” he says.

The series has four parts:

  • Overview – Which Regulatory Agency Has the Biggest Role?;
  • Planning and Building Considerations;
  • Fire Department Regulations; and
  • Annual Inspections.

And while the videos were created primarily as an educational tool for fire departments, they serve too as “a valuable resource for station developers, designers, constructors, and operators,” he told F&F.

The OCFA-NREL hydrogen video series may be accessed here.

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Source: OCFA with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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