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Simple-Fill Home CNG Unit Funded

February 17, 2014 in CNG by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Ohio State Spinoff Gets First Technology Concept Fund Award,
Liquid-Piston Device for CNG at Home with $1 per GGE as Goal


Columbus-Ohio-based Simple-Fill is developing a liquid piston-based home fueler for CNG that’s to result in fuel for consumers and small fleet for about $1 per gasoline gallon equivalent. The target fill rate is 4 GGEs per hour.

The Simple-Fill device, currently in the early alpha-prototype stages, is based on technology from Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research.

Simple-Fill is the first recipient of money (an undisclosed amount) from Ohio’s new $1 million Technology Concept Fund, and has received a grant of $100,000 from Ohio Third Frontier, an activity of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

‘Our System Will Break the Log Jam’

The firm aims to solve the costly problem of compression it says has stymied the growth of natural gas vehicles in America.

“Our system will break the log jam,” Simple-Fill president Rob Underhill says in a release. “Our equipment will be small, cost effective, and will finally allow small to medium size fleets and consumers to realize the benefits of CNG.”

“Compressed natural gas is recognized as a viable automotive fuel alternative to gasoline,” Underhill said. “Our technology will help bring it to market.”

Small Fleets and Consumers

“We’re hoping that it will become available within the next two years,” he told F&F.

Simple-Fill sees small- to medium-sized fleets and consumers as its primary markets.

Worthington Industries is a Simple-Fill investor, and Honda supports the company through its funding of Ohio State’s CAR.

The Technology Concept Fund includes investments from Ohio State and Ohio Third Frontier and is managed by TechColumbus.

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Source: Simple-Fill with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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