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Momentum On-Roof CNG Rig for Refuse

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New Assembly Is to Be Available on McNeilus Truck Bodies

Momentum Fuel Technologies is introducing two new roof-mounted assemblies to house compressed natural gas fuel cylinders for refuse trucks at this week’s Waste Expo show in Las Vegas. Momentum is using lightweight CNG cylinders from 3M.

Parker Veriflo New Products for NGVs

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Equipment for the Vehicles Themselves, and for Fueling Them

Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo Division promoted several natural gas vehicle-enabling products at ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas.

Parker Veriflo Supports CNG Use

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New Dispenser and Onboard Regulator Introduced at ACT Expo

Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo division unveiled a new gas regulator for medium and heavy duty vehicles and a new high-flow CNG dispenser for fleet and industrial applications at ACT Expo 2014.

The machined-body version of Parker Veriflow’s new regulator for CNG vehicles. It’s available with a cast body too.

The machined-body version of Parker Veriflow’s new regulator for CNG vehicles. It’s available with a cast body too.

The new gas regulator, Parker says, couples the highest flow rates in the industry with the lowest low-pressure operating parameters, effectively increasing the usable range of CNG vehicles by 10% to 15%. The unit features an integrated heat exchanger and thermal shielding of internal components with PTFE seals. Together they allow continuous operation even in extreme – minus 40F to 135F – ambient temperatures.

“The regulator system offers stable, reduced pressure delivery and control of natural gas throughout the full range of extreme engine and environmental operating conditions,” Parker says.

Parker Veriflo also introduced an industrial bulk CNG dispenser it said is the only entirely integrated fuel dispenser on the market.

Built-In Diagnostics

The robust unit features best-in-class certified components from Parker, an ANSI NGV 4.1- and CSA 12.5-compliant design, and ANSI/NGV- and 4.2/CSA 2.52-certified hoses, “all designed to work together, ensuring time savings, exceptional durability, minimal downtime, safety, and consistent, reliable service.”

“Breakthrough features,” Parker said, include four times burst pressure-rated components, ball valves with 100,000 full cycle life for reduced maintenance and minimized downtime, and an integrated design resulting in 15% to 20% fewer leak paths.

The new Parker dispenser has a high-strength stainless steel frame with integrated hanging hardware for fueling hoses, and advanced diagnostics and monitoring using low-power electronic components.

Madhukar “Duke” Puniani is business development manager for natural gas systems with Parker Veriflo.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2014 in Long Beach, Calif.

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