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EEI’s Utility Fleet Electrification Plan

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Association Wants Members to Spend 5% of Their Fleet Money on EVs

The Washington, D.C. based Edison Electric Institute is urging its utility members to walk the walk and step up the deployment of electric vehicles in their own fleets – EEI has issued a 74-page white paper that “encourages investor-owned electric utilities to meet an industry-wide goal to spend at least 5% of annual fleet acquisition budgets on plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and technologies.” updated August 1

'Now is the time to start electrifying our fleets,' says EEI – 'We must continue to strengthen our efforts and lead by example.'

‘Now is the time to start electrifying our fleets,’ says EEI – ‘We must continue to strengthen our efforts and lead by example.’

“We must continue to strengthen our efforts and lead by example,” EEI president Tom Kuhn says in the white paper announcement. “One way we can do that is by leveraging our industry’s buying power to purchase more PEVs for our fleets.”

“The white paper released today is a road map for a long-term, coordinated effort to further spur the development of electric vehicle technologies in the electric transportation market,” Kuhn said.

‘Good Business Sense’

An EEI Electric Transportation Task Force, chaired by Pacific Gas & Electric president and CEO Tony Earley and Portland General Electric president and CEO Jim Piro, is to “champion the issue of electrification by increasing the awareness, opportunities, and activities related to electrification within the utility industry; collaborating with automakers and other stakeholders; and educating the public at large about the benefits of electric vehicles and technologies.”

“Plug-in cars and trucks can make good business sense whether you’re a utility or any other business that operates a fleet of vehicles,” Piro says in the EEI announcement. “At PGE, we’ve been working hard to support electric vehicle policy and infrastructure in Oregon, but we’ve also done the internal analysis and piloting needed to confirm it’s time to build fleet electrification into our own budget. We encourage other utilities to do the same.”

‘Rolling Billboards and Engagement Tools’

“Expanding the use of plug-in technologies is one of the most important opportunities we have as a country to continue diversifying our energy usage and achieve our clean energy goals,” said PG&E’s Earley. “Electrifying our fleets is about showing consumers that plug-in technology is thriving and delivers real benefits that make sense for us and our customers.”

“The utility fleet is the point of the spear,” states the EEI white paper, titled Transportation Electrification: Utility Fleets Leading the Charge.

“Now is the time to start electrifying our fleets,” it states, describing utility fleet vehicles as “rolling billboards and engagement tools.”

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Source: Edison Electric Institute with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

Nissan e-NV200 Tests with PGE in Oregon

June 24, 2014 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Portland General Electric Gets the Battery Van for Six Weeks

Nissan is continuing to test the U.S. waters for its e-NV200 battery electric commercial vehicle, reporting work with Oregon’s Portland General Electric for a six-week trial of the 122-cubic-foot compact van.

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