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San Francisco

West Coast Cities Want LOTS More EVs

January 10, 2017 in ACT Expo 2016, ACT Expo 2017, EVs, municipal fleet by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Mayors Ask Automakers to Increase Production
To Aid Them in the Fight Against Climate Change,
As Many as 24,000 May Be Purchased for Their Fleets

The mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle today released the nation’s first multi-city request to the automobile industry to help municipalities reduce fuel and maintenance costs by deploying increased numbers of electric vehicles.

Car2Go Car-Sharing for San Francisco

June 16, 2015 in EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Dates TBD for Extension of Smart Service to Bay Area

Daimler’s Car2Go continues to discuss deployment of its car-share service with officials in San Francisco, with hopes of an announcement in the coming months.

City CarShare Boosts the Juice

October 8, 2012 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

San Francisco Firm Adds Bigger Battery Packs to ‘Prii’

The non-profit City CarShare in San Francisco has converted ten Toyota Prius hybrid cars to plug-in operation. San Diego-based Plug-In Conversions Corp (PICC), supported by San Francisco’s Luscious Garage, used 10-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery packs yielding an electric-mode range of 35 to 40 miles.

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