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Life-Cycle Costs Getting More Attention

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Life-cycle costs have become the top priority for truck fleet operators, beating out purchase price as their main concern. And alternative fueled vehicles will gain favor as petroleum prices continue to increase.

That was the message at the Green Truck Summit from Doyle Sumrall, director of business development at NTEA. “If fuel costs are not the biggest item on the budget, they are the second,” he said, in presenting findings from NTEA’s latest survey of fleet buyers’ intentions. He also noted a growing, and broad based requirement for green technologies as operators increasingly try to match vehicle performance to their unique applications.

Calstart president and CEO John Boesel in Indianapolis

Boesel: ‘We Need a Level Playing Field’

One example is a trend by utilities toward different types of hybrid vehicles that, for example, use conventional power to drive to the worksite and recharge batteries, and electric power when they get there.

Life cycle costs will also be driven down as vehicle production increases and their price premium diminishes, said John Boesel, president and CEO of Calstart. “Fleets need to step up purchases, and the government needs to support industry and provide incentives” to buy and operate clean vehicles. Noting the Federal subsidies for the oil industry, he said Congress should provide equal incentives for clean energy. “We need a level playing field,” Boesel said.

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