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2012 Fleets & Fuels Issue Summaries

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Fleets & Fuels published 12 issues in its traditional PDF format before switching over to its new website in mid-June.

Here are the summaries of those issues, with the companies mentioned in each:

The first and final Fleets & Fuels newsletter issues of 2012

(the following items from the 2012 Fleets & Fuels issues
have all been re-formatted for the new website)

June 4, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

FedEx Express is testing a slew of battery trucks. We detail the mix of upfits and purpose-builts, from OEMs and startups alike. Landi Renzo is moving into CNG fueling. The world light duty gaseous fuel vehicle component leader has a significant new U.S. certification too. XL Hybrids units will be installed by AAMCO centers in Boston. Niche? Forget it. Toyota hybrid sales top 4 million,Aqua America commits to CNG fueling,UQM loses nearly $5 million but calls it a good year,Biodiesel Board and Genscape claim RIN integrity solution, andMomentum builds for LNG shipping. We conclude our ACT Expo 2012 wrap-up – sadly inadequate to the task of summarizing the best alt fuel vehicles meeting EVER.

Amp Electric Vehicles • Aqua America • Automotive World • Bosch • Boulder Electric Vehicle • CEC-California Energy Commission • Calstart • Clean Air Power • CNGci-CNG Cylinders International • Combi International • Dow Kokam • Eaton • Enova Systems • Faulkner GMC • FC Business Intelligence • FedEx Express • FP&L-Florida Power & Light • Fluxys Belgium • Freightliner • FCCC-Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp • Freightliner of Philadelphia • GTI-Gas Technology Institute • GasCom-Equipment • Genscape • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • Henley Transmission-AAMCO • Impco Automotive • IBIA-International Bunker Industry Association. • Isuzu • Landi Renzo USA • Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems • MARAD • NBB-National Biodiesel Board • Navistar • NGV Communications • NGVAmerica • NGVAmerica • Platts • PERC-Propane Education & Research Council • Propel Fuels • Quantum Technologies • Remy International • SacPort Biofuels-Sierra Energy • Shell Oil • Smith Electric Vehicles • Springboard Biodiesel • TGT-Tulsa Gas Technologies • UQM Technologies • US Hybrid • Wärtsilä • WEH • Westport Innovations • XL Hybrids • Zytek

May 21, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

May 15-17 saw a terrifically successful Alternative Clean Transportation Expo and conference in Long Beach, Calif. Natural gas continued its juggernaut, but propane and electricity, and biofuels, made strong showings too… a Westport 13-liter HPDI for Volvo, Greenkraft & Navistar trucks for Ryder, Quantum CNGs for Agility: a $4.8 million purchase order, Remy motors for Quantum’s Ford F-150 PHEV, a leading California dealer offers RAV4 EVs, General Wesley Clark calls for community rather than malice in the alternative fuels sector, PSI enters the on-road market, Linde & APG: compact LNG by Linde and an APG-Linde team for the oil patch, SCI expands and adds propane, Parker Hannifin motors for XL Hybrids, Clean Energy Fuels is building as volumes increase, Freightliner stages ‘LA to DC on CNG’ tour to show there is a viable CNG fueling infrastructure today, and Honda for three alternative fuel types: compressed natural gas, electricity, and hydrogen. FedEx will deploy 34 Navistar eStar battery trucks, in Silicon Valley, tomorrow.We detail Veolia Transportation’s plans for 300 Prins propane taxis, starting with 50 in Baltimore.

AC Transit • AFV Natural Gas Fuel Systems • Agility Fuel Systems • Alliance AutoGas • American Honda • APG-American Power Group (GreenMan) • ATC Freightliner • BAE Systems • Clean Energy Fuels • Coalition for Clean Air • Crane Carrier • CWI-Cummins Westport, Inc. • Daimler-Freightliner • Davidson County • ESI-Emission Solutions, Inc. • FedEx Express • Freightliner • GTI-Gas Technology Institute • GE Capital Fleet Services • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • Greenkraft • Inland Kenworth • Linde • National Auto Fleet/Wondries • Navistar International • New Leaf Biofuel • Parker Hannifin • PSI-Power Solutions, Inc. • Quantum • Remy • Ryder System • SCI-Structural Composites Industries/Worthington Cylinders • Toyota Fleet • Trillium CNG • UBCR • Veolia Transportation • Virginia Clean Cities • Volvo Trucks • Westport Innovations • XL Hybrids

May 7, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

Daimler Buses is closing down the Orion badge, meaning the end of the line for a CNG and hybrid pioneer. Warranty work and service will continue. Propel Fuels looks to be the big winner as the California Energy Commission proposes $17.3 million for alt fuel infrastructure. Air Products would get most of separately proposed hydrogen funding. Wells Fargo will help place Parker Hannifin RunWise-drive hydraulic hybrid garbage trucks through select Autocar E3 dealers. UQM unveils its most powerful driveline yet, GE adds WattStation Connect software to its charger line, promotes alt fuel vehicles signs, Chrysler forges ahead with PHEVs, Kenworth PHEVs by Odyne for Milwaukee, Flint-MTA embraces propane, Metropolitan Utilities District LNG for Clean Energy Fuels in Omaha, Chesapeake completes Oklahoma CNG switch, Clean Air Power logs dual fuel orders, AmericaCNG eyes 400 NGV fueling stations, and Altec opens California Green Fleet center.

Air Products • Altec Industries • AmericaCNG • Atlas Disposal Industries • Autocar • BAE Systems • Blackhawk Logistics (Border Valley Trading) • CEC-California Energy Commission • Chesapeake Energy • Chrysler • Clean Air Power • Clean Energy Fuels • Connecticut Transit • Daimler Buses/Orion • Electrovaya • GE • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • GreenField Compression • Hydrogen Frontier • Johnson Controls • Jones & Frank • Linde • LADoT-City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation • Flint MTA-Mass Transportation Authority • MCI-Motor Coach Industries • Metropolitan Utilities District • Milwaukee County • North Star Biofuels • Odyne • Odyne Hybrid Systems • Parker Hannifin • PG&E-Pacific Gas & Electric • Propel Fuels • Remy • SMUD-Sacramento Municipal Utility District • SoCal Edison • • Sysco Foods Los Angeles • Targa Terminals • UQM Technologies • Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

April 23, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

BAF celebrates 20 years in the natural gas vehicles business and conversion of the 20,000th vehicle to compressed natural gas – we detail plans for a new CNG truck type. Gladstein, Neandross & Associates releases report for SCAQMD on Zetech – Zero Emission Truck and Electric Catenary Highway – a century-old old technology that may be key to slashing emissions from modern port traffic. Frito-Lay adds to NGV truck fleet, Hertz offers regular airport rentals of NGVs in Oklahoma City, Zipcar adds Honda e-cars and commits to more, GM releases bi-fuel CNG-gasoline pickup price ($11,000), Bauer Compressors devises standardized packages, 350Green claims California’s first shopping mall EV fast-charge unit, Kwik Trip for retail alt fuels, Lehigh Gas for retail alt fuels, Maxximus LNG 2000 sets LPG-propane speed mark, AC Transit opens solar boosted hydrogen fueling station in Emeryville, outside San Francisco, and Cornerstone Environmental claims economical biomethane. ACFS endorses natural gas for marine fueling. We detail plans for two LNG ferries: a new state-of-the art catamaran to connect Buenos Aires and Montevideo and conversion of the S.S. Badger’s coal-fired boilers to methane for the Lake Michigan summertime Ludington-Manitowoc run. We detail the CNG plans of Omaha’s Metropolitan Utilities District, a staunch backer of NGVs.

350Green • AC Transit • ACFS-American Clean Skies Foundation • ADL-Alexander Dennis Limited • American Honda • ANGI • Azure Dynamics • BAF-Clean Energy Fuels • Bauer Compressors • Bob Howard Honda • Calstart • Carter Chevrolet-OEM Systems • Centaur Performance-Maxximus Group • Chart Ferox • Cornerstone Environmental • Douglas County (Nebraska • Dynetek • Efacec USA • Faber Industrie • FCCC-Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp • Frito-Lay • G.R. Bowler • Gilbarco • GM • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • Happy Cab • Hertz • Impco Automotive • Incat • Kwik Trip • Lake Michigan Carferry-S.S. Badger • Lehigh Gas • Linde • M.J. Bradley & Associates • Metropolitan Community College • Metropolitan Utilities District • Parker Hannifin • Proton Onsite • Purolator Courier • Scania GB • ServoTech • Siemens • UPS • UTC Power • WEH

April 9, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

Surging supplier vows to boost its orders nearly five-fold and place 500 medium duty battery trucks in California in two years. More heavy duty truck manufacturers embrace the dedicated-natural gas 11.9-liter ISX12 G engine by Cummins Westport. A CNG-fueled plug-in hybrid electric truck is readied for the ride-and-drive at next month’s ACT Expo. Wheel motors can save serious money for airlines, says upstart manufacturer; BAF claims California’s first approval for CNG pickups; Azure Dynamics files for creditor protection; XL Hybrids places first fleet trial vehicles; 225 biomethane buses for the Netherlands; Magna and Hyundai Heavy team on batteries; andWorld CNG and NatGasCar team on Chrysler NGVs. Ford embraces the fundamental efficiency of the electric drive: boosts its workforce and sets a new tech center as it gets ready to begin deliveries of the 100% battery Focus Electric.

Azure Dynamics • BAF • California Energy Commission • City CarShare • CNG Net-Ballast Nedam • Coulomb Technologies • Dynetek • EDTA-Electric Drive Transportation Association. • EMC-Electric Mobility Canada • EVI-Electric Vehicles International • Encana • Ford • Freightliner • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • Hydrogen Education Foundation • Ioxus • Kwik Trip • Lithium Balance • LNG24 • Mafi Transport-Systeme • MapMuse • NAFA Fleet Management Association • NatGasCar • Serramonte Ford • SunPower • TI-Texas Instruments • TfL-Transport for London • U-Haul Propane • Volvo Trucks • WheelTug • World CNG • Wright Express • Wrightspeed • XL Hybrids

March 26, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

GE teams with Chesapeake Energy on both CNG and LNG as LA Metro asks for bids on at least 550 CNG buses – and looks to next clean vehicle step change as well. The first of the “beta” test full-size extended-range electric trucks were delivered to Pacific Gas & Electric by Via Motors in San Francisco last week. Earlier in the month, Coda Automotive opened its assembly facility in nearby Benicia. The new Cummins Westport ISX12 G made a splash at MATS, where Cummins said it would go it alone on a 15-liter spark engine, the ISX15 G;Frito-Lay is buying more battery trucks from Electric Vehicles International;A123 said it would supply battery packs for a new plug-in by Geely in China;North Sea ship said to be the first true hybrid is LNG-fueled;LNG will power a new Norway-Sweden ferry as well;Expect to see more Autocar E3 trash trucks with Parker Hannifin’s RunWise hydraulic hybrid drive (we say where); andClean Energy fueling for Saddle Creek natural gas trucks.

3B • A-Z Bus • A123 Systems • Amports • Apache • City of Austin • Autocar Truck • Calstart • Car Charging Group • Town of Cary • CEC-California Energy Commission • Chesapeake Energy • City of Hialeah • Clean Energy Fuels • Clean Fuels Ohio • Coda Automotive • Color Line • Corvus Energy • Cummins • Cummins Westport • DNV • DSM • Eidesvik Offshore • EVI-Electric Vehicles International • Ferus • Frito-Lay • Gastank Sweden • GE • GM-General Motors • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross and Associates • Greenkraft • Town of Cary • IDTechEx • Impco Automotive • Kenworth • LA Metro • Lincoln Composites • City of Miami • Miami-Dade County • NETL-National Energy Technology Laboratory • NGVAmerica • NTEA-National Truck Equipment Association • Oakland Export Assistance Center • Parker Hannifin • Peake Fuel Solutions • PG&E-Pacific Gas & Electric • Quantum Fuel Systems • Saddle Creek • City of Seymour • Smarter Shows-The Battery Show 2012 • TEP-Transportation Energy Partnership • UQM Technologies • Valence Technology • Via Motors • Wärtsilä • Weichai Westport

March 12, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

‘The Work Truck Show was an NGV love fest,’ a top natural gas vehicles advocate commented last week. For propane too, we said. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu spoke at the Calstart-NTEA Green Truck Summit. He then toured the still-building NTEA Work Truck Show floor, whereChrysler announced factory CNG pickups Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp unveiled factory propane S2G with CleanFuel USA for 8.0-liter GM engine Isuzu unveiled CNG and propane, upfitted via Utilimaster – the Bi-Phase Technologies dedicated-propane system like the ones on some 5,000 Schwan Foods trucks will be made available to other fleets more companies touted Ford QVM approval AT&T confirmed CNG Transit Connects Agility Fuel Systems was on Navistar International’s CNG DuraStar. There were electric vehicles at the Work Truck Show too. Motiv Power promoted its ‘mix-and-match,’ open-architecture approach to EV design Smith Electric Vehicles announced a step van, with FedEx the lead customer Via Motors promoted its range-extended battery truck with Verizon.

Agility Fuel Systems • AT&T • BAE Systems • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation • Bright Automotive • Calstart • Chrysler • City of Chicago • CleanFuel USA • Coda Automotive • Detroit Chassis • Enova Systems • Ford • Freightliner • Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp • Gladstein, Neandross and Associates-GNA • Impco Automotive • Isuzu Commercial Trucks • Landi Renzo USA • Leggett & Platt • Motiv Power • National Truck Equipment Association-NTEA • Propel Fuels • Propel Fuels • PTI-Paper Transport, Inc. • Quantum • Remy • Schwan/Bi-Phase Technologies • Smith Electric Vehicles • Sortimo • Trillium CNG • Utilimaster • Venchurs • Verizon • Via Motors • • Westport LD (WiNG)

February 27, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

Two new CNG tank-making ventures come to light in the February 27, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels — one by a pair of fortune 500 companies and another by an unknown (so far) Dallas startup. The companies are Chesapeake Energy, 3M, and AmericaCNG. The Obama administration is offering a new $30 million for better CNG tanks and home fill units—and another $14 million for algae-based fuels. BASF is weighing into EV battery materials with investments well in excess of $100 milliona trial of fuel cell electric vehicles by U.S. armed forces in Hawaii contributes to sustainability in the world’s largest militaryPanasonic will power Ford’s new EVs with its lithium ion cellsChevy Volt gets California carpool nodFour-wheel-drive Class 8 CNG trucks in TexasSiemens EV chargers for U.S. vetsVTM targets trucks Westport finally announces the 11.9-liter Cummins Westport ISX12FuelMaker customers may expect to see significant service enhancements Cummins for ex-U.S. natural gas engine sales EVs beyond the roadways in San Jose next month.

Agility Fuel Systems • Alliance AutoGas • AmericaCNG • American Alternative Fuel • Arboc • Argent Marine • BASF • BNSF • BRC FuelMaker • Calstart • CEC-California Energy Commission • Central Freight Lines • Charter Fuels • Chesapeake Energy • Chrysler • Clean Fuels Ohio • Cummins Crosspoint • Cummins Westport • Daimler Trucks • East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition • Energy Futures • Freightliner • GM-General Motors • H-GAC-Houston-Galveston Area Council • HydraFLX • Hypercomp Engineering • IDTechEx • JC Carter • Life Cycle Engineering • Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems • Marinette Police • Maxwell Technologies • Mountain Mobility • NGV Communications • NGVAmerica • NPGA-National Propane Gas Association • NTEA-National Truck Equipment Association • OPIS-Oil Price Information Service • Pike Research • Pioneer Natural Resources • Pittsburgh Clean Cities • Port of Pittsburgh • Proton Onsite • Quantum • Rush Peterbilt • SEPETRO • Siemens • TEP-Transportation Energy Partnership • U.S. Army • • VTM-Variable Torque Motors • Westport Innovations

February 13, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

With 1,200 GM vans by Impco for AT&T, and a pact between Clean Energy Fuels and Navistar International including a pledge for many more natural gas truck models, natural gas vehicles continue their momentum. Many more upfit options are available now too – both dual fuel and spark. Electric vehicle action includes a new lifetime battery warranty from Hyundai, a Canada-China EV targeting Asia, Odyne plug-in truck placements, a super powerboat from Norway with UQM drive, and some very astute observations on the state of the EV market from the UK’s IDTechEx. A biodiesel award for Hino’s B20-ready line-up (including the hybrid cabover now set for late summer 2012 availability), and details about E85 for the Izod Indy race series.

A-1 Alternative Fuels • Advantek Fuel Systems • American Power Group • AT&T • Azure Dynamics • Calstart • CEC-California Energy Commission • City of Toronto • Clean Air Power • Clean Energy Fuels • Clean Vehicle Solutions • CleanTX Foundation • Cummins Westport • Cummins Westport • Eaton • EcoDual • EcoDual • EQT • ESI-Emission Solutions, Inc. • Ever Monaco 2012 • Ford • GEOS-Green Energy Oilfield Services • GM-General Motors • Go Group • Go Lorries • Go Natural Gas • Go Riteway • Go Shuttle Express • Greater Washington Region Clean Cities • Hino • Honda • Hyundai • Icom North America • IDTechEx • Impco Automotive • Izod Indy • Izod Indy • J.W. Stenger • LNG Energy Solutions • Lotus U.S. • Luxor Cab • MEA-Maryland Energy Administration • Napa Valley Unified School District • NATSO-National Association of Truck Stop Operators • Natural Gas Vehicles Texas • Navistar International • NBB-National Biodiesel Board • NGV Motori • NTEA-National Truck Equipment Association • Odyne • Omnitek • Omnitek Engineering • PERC-Propane Education & Research Council • Peterbilt • Regen Nautic • Roush Cleantech • Rush Truck Center • San Francisco Toyota • Seraph Energy • Serramonte Ford • SF Yellow • Sunoco • Thomas Built Buses • TM4 • UQM Technologies • W.W. Engine & Supply • Westport Innovations • World CNG

January 30, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

With Ener1’s bankruptcy and an ABI report detailing great growth yet elusive profits in the critical advanced battery sector, it’s been a tough couple of weeks, perhaps, for electric vehicles. Natural gas vehicles, meanwhile, got a ringing endorsement, twice last week, from a man named Obama. And it was clear at a conference in Houston that big, BIG users of diesel – operators of ships and trains and drilling rigs – are taking a serious look at LNG. There were EV bright spots too, like new rules in California that will accelerate EV sales, another motor manufacturer looking to induction designs that don’t use rare earths, a major milestone for hybrids in the UK, and the first Honda Fit EV deliveries, for trials, in California. NGV firms logged new certifications and opened new headquarters facilities. And hosted the president of the United States.

A123 • ABI Research • Agility Fuel Systems • Alexander Dennis Ltd-ADL • Alliance AutoGas • American Alternative Fuel • Amp EVs • BAE Systems • BAF • BFI Canada • BNSF • Bombardier • BP • C.R. England • CARB-California Air Resources Board • Chart • Creative Bus Sales • Creative-GAS (Green Alternative Systems) • DNV • EMD/Progress Rail • Encana • Ener1-EnerDel • Energy Conversions, Inc. • Energy Vision • Enova Systems • Extreme Biodiesel • Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp-FCCC • Fyda Energy Solutions • Gelber Corp • Google • Greenkraft • Hart-Fenton • Honda • Inland Kenworth • Lincoln Composites • Mack Trucks Canada • Maxwell • National Biodiesel Board • Odyne • PacLease • Quantum • Remy • Rolls-Royce • Rolls-Royce Marine • Stanford University • Sturman Industries • City of Surrey • Tampa Airport • City of Torrance • Transit Plus • Transport for London • Waste Management • Westport Innovations • Zeus Intelligence

January 16, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

Electric vehicles at the forefront as Navistar, PG&E and other partners on the Electrification Leadership Council outlined plans for a large-scale EV trial, and Electric Vehicles International shares its plans for a new office in Detroit, opening in just two weeks. Clean Energy Fuels tells how yet another $150 million investment (its third in less than a year) will help it establish a network of truck stop LNG fueling outlets as work continues on CNG stations as well. Alternative Fuels Advocates, LLC is formed in California, Azure Dynamics delivers its 1,000th Balance parallel hybrid, Ballard Power Systems is supplying fuel cells for buses in Brazil and Norway, the California Energy Commission is providing money for biofuels production and better LNG fueling, Chrysler is getting ready to re-enter NGVs (no, really), Coda Automotive offers a new option for smaller batteries, making for a lower-price car, as it signs two California dealers, buses for Colorado’s Roaring Fork may well be CNG, Quantum systems for Mahindra & Mahindra hydrogen minibus, Roush CleanTech quantifies propane’s benefits, Ryder System signs Source Interlink option for NGVs, and Southern California Edison gets EV-ready. We profile Utah’s Via Motors, which unveiled its new line of eRev-drive range-extended electric Vtrux trucks at the auto show in Detroit.

A-1 • Azure Dynamics • BAF • Bus West • California Air Resources Board • California Air Resources Board and the • Calstart • CCE-California Environmental Engineering • CEC-California Energy Commission • Chrysler • Clean Energy Fuels • Collins Bus • ECP Media • Electrovaya • EPA • GE Capital UK • GET-Golden Empire Transit • GFS Corp • GMA-Grocery Manufacturers Association • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • GreenKraft • Harvey Gulf International Marine • IMW • Kollmorgen • LBC-London Business Conferences • LNG China • MECi-MEC Intelligence • Metro McAllen • MGES-Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems • NBB- National Biodiesel Board • NPGA-National Propane Gas Association • NPRA-National Petrochemical & Refiners Association • NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council • NTEA-National Truck Equipment Association • OLEV • OPIS-Oil Price Information Service • PERC-Propane Education & Research Council • PG&E-Pacific Gas & Electric • POLA-Port of Los Angeles • Polar Ford • Propane Centennial • Quantum Technologies • RøhneSelmer • SBE-SB Electronics • STX OSV • Toyota • Venchurs Vehicle Systems • Virginia Tech • Volvo Cars • Wärtsilä North America • World of Concrete • Zeus Development

January 2, 2012 issue of Fleets & Fuels

The first U.S.-flag, built-for-LNG ships have been ordered by New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf.Azure steps it up in the UK and Norway. Expect an announcement on NGVs from an OEM that’s not offered them for years. Biofuels suffer legal setbacks and legislative lapses (though the California Energy Commission remains a believer). A diesel-fueled plug-in hybrid from Volvo, largely for fleets, a test on Texas buses of OLEV’s new wireless charging technology, propane proponents get set to celebrate 100 years, Quantum forges a deal with SBE for better lighter cheaper e-vehicle power electronics,Electrovaya celebrates a strong fiscal year, GreenKraft seeks dealers for its CNG trucks, a key component from Kollmorgen on Virginia Tech’s winning hybrid EcoCAR, and California utility is moving to sell its CNG stations.

A-1 • Azure Dynamics • BAF • Bus West • California Air Resources Board • California Air Resources Board and the • Calstart • CCE-California Environmental Engineering • CEC-California Energy Commission • Chrysler • Clean Energy Fuels • Collins Bus • ECP Media • Electrovaya • EPA • GE Capital UK • GET-Golden Empire Transit • GFS Corp • GMA-Grocery Manufacturers Association • GNA-Gladstein, Neandross & Associates • GreenKraft • Harvey Gulf International Marine • IMW • Kollmorgen • LBC-London Business Conferences • LNG China • MECi-MEC Intelligence • Metro McAllen • MGES-Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems • NBB- National Biodiesel Board • NPGA-National Propane Gas Association • NPRA-National Petrochemical & Refiners Association • NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council • NTEA-National Truck Equipment Association • OLEV • OPIS-Oil Price Information Service • PERC-Propane Education & Research Council • PG&E-Pacific Gas & Electric • POLA-Port of Los Angeles • Polar Ford • Propane Centennial • Quantum Technologies • RøhneSelmer • SBE-SB Electronics • STX OSV • Toyota • Venchurs Vehicle Systems • Virginia Tech • Volvo Cars • Wärtsilä North America • World of Concrete • Zeus Development

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