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ClipperCreek Claims the Smallest

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Level II EV Charging with ‘No Need to Juggle Cars to Plug In’

ClipperCreek is unveiling “the smallest cord-and-plug-connected, 20- amp, Level II EV charging station on the market.

ClipperCreek's LCS-25P is priced at $549.

ClipperCreek’s LCS-25P is priced at $549.

“Based on the popular LCS-25,” the company says, “this new product features a plug in connection to make installation inexpensive and fast. With a standard 25-foot charge cable, there is no need to juggle cars to plug in.

Customers with existing outlets can purchase the LCS-25P and install it in minutes, the manufacturer says, by simply attaching it to the wall and plugging the LCS-25P into a 240V outlet. The retail price is $549, with a three-year warranty.

Potential to Reduce EVSE Installation Costs

“This product will streamline the home installation process and greatly reduce total installation cost in some cases, especially where there is a pre-existing 240-volt outlet available,” ClipperCreek president Dave Packard said in a release.

ClipperCreek notes that all of its products, including the new LCS-25P, are compatible with and approved for vehicles including the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Ford plug-ins, the Tesla Model S, Honda Fit Electric, Toyota Rav4 EV, and Toyota Plug-In Prius.

ClipperCreek products are manufactured in Auburn, CA, USA

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Source: ClipperCreek with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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