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Feds for New AFLEET and a Fuel Find App

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NREL and Argonne Launch Locator App and ROI Tool

The U.S. Department of Energy is promoting an app for smartphones and other mobile devices for finding alternative fuels from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and an Excel tool for figuring alt fuels ROI from the Argonne National Laboratory.

The government really is here to help, with a mobile device app to find alt fuels, and an Excel tool to figure payback.

DoE is offering a mobile device app to find alt fuels, and an Excel tool to figure payback.

NREL’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator app provides information on more than 15,000 stations across the country offering electric vehicle charging, B20 biodiesel, compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas (CNG and LNG), E85-ethanol (E85), hydrogen, and propane fuels.

The app provides stations’ addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours. “Using the app’s filters,” NREL says, “drivers can also search for stations that meet certain parameters, such as whether the station is open to the public and what payment methods it accepts.”

AFLEET for the Professionals

Argonne’s heftier Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation Tool was developed to help Clean Cities stakeholders estimate petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and cost of ownership of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles using simple spreadsheet inputs.

AFLEET provides three calculation methods:

  • Simple Payback – estimates a simple payback of purchase of a new AFV compared to a conventional counterpart using acquisition and annual operating costs, as well as average annual petroleum use, GHGs, and air pollutant emissions.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – estimates the net present value of operating and fixed costs over the years of planned ownership of a new vehicle, as well as lifetime petroleum use, GHGs and air pollutant emissions
  • Fleet Energy and Emissions Footprint– estimates the annual petroleum use, GHGs and air pollutant emissions of existing and new vehicles, taking into consideration that older vehicles typically have higher air pollutant emission rates than newer ones.

Argonne has slated a webinar on AFLEET for Tuesday, November 12 at 1:00 pm EST. Click here for access

Contact information is only available to premium subscribers. Click here to purchase a subscription.

Source: U.S. DoE with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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