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NAFA-Calstart for Fleet Sustainability

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‘Our Members Will Extend Benefits to Their Bottom Line’

Launching what’s been termed a LEED program for vehicles, the NAFA Fleet Management Association and Calstart have introduced an accreditation program with tiered performance ratings to encourage vehicle fuel saving and overall environmental sustainability.

‘Fleets will be able to measure, manage and improve.’The four-tiered rating system is said to be the first of its kind, evaluating fleets’ environmental performance “against world-leading goals.” The new program is designed “to bring clarity, definition, and recognition to what sustainability means for fleets,” Calstart says.

“The program is set to become an industry standard for recognizing concrete improvements in reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and reducing fuel use,” the organization says.

‘The New Measure of Fleet Sustainability’

“Fleets will be able to measure, manage and improve,” Calstart senior VP Bill Van Amburg said in a release.

How Clean? Calstart VP Bill Van Amburg

“Fleets start at any level of activity,” he said. “The point is to start down the path: first by base lining where they are, then by validating their progress, and finally, by benchmarking themselves against rigorous standards and the actions of their peers…

“It is the new measure of fleet sustainability.”

NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program “directly complements the DOE National Fleet Partnership program, and other federal efforts, by setting meaningful sustainability targets and recognizing fleets for real results in achieving them,” Calstart says.

‘A Road to Improve Performance’

“By becoming more energy independent and efficient, our members will extend benefits to their bottom line and their customer base,” NAFA president Claude Masters said in his group’s release.

According to NAFA, “The program will allow member organizations to assess how to enhance their practices in a way that decreases their fuel dependence and emissions, while increasing the efficiency of their vehicles, improving performance, and reducing harmful pollutants.

“The ability to assess and strip waste on this front will pave a road to improve performance and reduce harmful pollutants, while often also reducing costs,” NAFA says.

“NAFA hopes to lead the way forward into a more sustainable, independent and efficient future.”

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Source: Calstart with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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