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US Air Conditioning Upgrades CNG

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Galileo Nanobox Station Supports Company & Employee Vehicles

US Air Conditioning has opted for a Galileo Nanobox system to upgrade a ten-year-old compressed natural gas fueling installation at its main distribution center in City of Industry, east of Los Angeles.

The Galileo Nanobox installation supports both company work trucks...

The Galileo Nanobox-powered time-fill CNG installation supports both company work trucks…

“The new station not only fuels the company’s 32 CNG vehicles, but also serves US Air Conditioning’s 24 employees who have invested personally in a CNG vehicle,” sates a release. The company provides the fuel and the use of the station at no cost to its employees.

The Nanobox unit by Argentina’s Galileo was supplied via Clean Fuel Connection.

US Air Conditioning credits $100,000 in Clean Transportation Funding from Southern California’s Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee for the station, which it says will “help reduce greenhouse gases by 636 metric tons each year, which is the equivalent of the CO2 emissions from 71,500 gallons of gasoline, 683,394 pounds of coal burned or 1,480 barrels of oil.”

Galileo Nanobox for US Air Conditioning

Galileo Nanobox for US Air Conditioning

A Small Slice of $350 Million

The company notes that MSRC allocates Clean Transportation Funding from a $4 surcharge on vehicle license fees, specifically to be used for local projects designed to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles. Over its 25-year history, the MSRC has distributed more than $350 million in funding to innovative clean air projects, like electric vehicle charging stations, throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

According to US Air Conditioning, the MSRC’s funding for these types of clean air projects is important to encourage businesses to make an investment in the environment.

Several Grants “Have Helped Us’

“We feel that the last 10 years shows our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment and that it is another testament to our company goal to limit our carbon footprint in the communities where we deliver high efficiency air conditioning products,” US Air Conditioning operations and finance VP Jack Scarsi said in a release. “Several grants from the MSRC over the years have helped us with our clean air goals,” he said.

“Our employees love the perk of free fuel for their vehicles and have discovered how functional CNG vehicles are for personal use,” Scarsi said. “Not only do they save hundreds of dollars in fuel every month, they can also use the HOV lanes to cut their commute time down significantly, thus increasing their quality of life while reducing their budget for gasoline.”

... and US Air Conditioning employee vehicles.

… and US Air Conditioning employee vehicles.

26-year-old US Air Conditioning notes too that it is one of the largest privately owned HVAC distributors in the world. The firm’s distribution territory covers five western states with 46 branch locations. The company has more than 400 employees.

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Source: US Air Conditioning with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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